Kili airport ready for use

Journal 9/11/1981

P1 President proposes atolls for nuclear waste Pacific islanders, apparently joined by Japanese officials, remained opposed to what at first looked like an amicable compromise to their dispute over Japanese plans to dump low-level nuclear wastes in the ocean. During a session of the third annual conference of the Association of Chief Executives of the Pacific Basin, Marshall Islands President Amata Kabua suggested Bikini and Enewetak be used as disposal sites. He saw the ideas a source of revenue for the Marshall Islands and said, “We could charge the Japanese a fee for disposing on the islands.”

P1 Kili airport open Everything that was said September 5 at the opening of the Kili airstrip was music to the Bikini people’s ears. It was, as one put it, “a wonderful day of triumph” for the people as the new over-3,000 feet airstrip is almost finished.

P3 Nitijela institutes question period Nitijela September 8 began a new procedure for formal questions and answers designed to allow private members (those who are not members of Cabinet) to get information from the government and focus attention on problems. Questions are submitted in writing for oral or written answer within five days of presentation. Senator Evelyn Konou (Jaluit) presented the first one asking when the provisions of the 1980 Loan Act would be complied with concerning the power plant loan. The Act requires Nitijela members be given on the first sitting day after authorizing a loan, a copy of the Cabinet order authorizing the loan and the Secretary of Finance’s certification as to the means to pay. Finance Minister Atjang Paul said the documents would be presented along with the FY1982 budget.

P3 Nauru President meets on hotel Nauru President Hammer deRoburt arrived September 8 for a one-day visit. He said the purpose of his visit was to complete arrangements for the new Eastern Gateway Hotel and floating bar and restaurant.

Journal 9/10/1993

P3 Communicating with Laura is now much easier In the early 1900s, if you lived in what is now the downtown area of Majuro (few did) and wanted to communicate with a relative in Laura, you got out your outrigger canoe and made an all-day trip to the opposite end of the atoll. After World War II, the Americans began connecting the small islands together by causeway, making it possible to get to some island by bicycle or in one of the three cars on the atoll.Still, for many years after Laura was connected to the rest of Majuro by reef causeway, the road was dirt, making it a pothole-filled, behind-bouncing trip of many hours to get out to Laura village. It wasn’t until the early 1970s that the road to Laura was paved. As of late last month, there’s an even easier way to communicate with Laura from downtown. Just pick up a telephone and dial 528 before the other four digits and you can talk to one of the 56 individuals and businesses from Mile 17 to Laura who have now been hooked up to NTA’s new phone service.

P14 Nauru exports When our Nauru neighbors come to town, you can bet local stores will be happy. The day after the capital opening, RRE wholesale workers were busy off-loading a flatbed truck with everything from bubble gum by the case to ramen noodles for shipment via Air Nauru.

Journal 9/3/2004

P26 Reimers boys take out MBC tuna tourney The first event of the new Marshalls Billfish Club’s fishing year, the total pounds qualifying tuna mini-tournament held Saturday, saw the Reimers’ “boys” run away with all the cash and put up the most points for the President’s Cup race. Ben Reimers on XXXX brought in the winning tripled of tuna at 44, 41 and 40 pounds. Not to be outdone, Ronnie Reiomers on Jinekjij brought in a pair of marlin at 147 and 137 pounds, along with smaller wahoo and tuna.