KIO celebrates action agenda

KIO Club members put on a great show for the celebration of the group’s 15th anniversary at the Marshall Islands Resort September 25. Photo: Eve Burns.


Kora In Okrane (KIO) has been around for 15 years making amazing and beneficial contributions to the Marshall Islands. Last weekend they celebrated their anniversary — and so popular is this organization that people voluntarily donated over $3,000 to KIO during Saturday night event.

The KIO ladies turned the Marshall Islands Resort’s Melele Room into a beautiful garden like room for the celebration. The environment gave out calm and nurturing vibes.

The celebration was witnessed by Ambassadors Roxanne Cabral, Jeffrey Hsiao and his wife, Senator Dennis Momotaro, Daisy Momotaro, Ambassador Neijon Edwards, KIO members, families and friends.

Yoshiko Capelle and Francyne Wase-Jacklick brought a lot of laughter to the crowd as emcees for the night. Fern Lehman-Stege delivered a musical prayer.

The night wasn’t your average event where speeches were the center of the event; a well planned program unfolded with fun activity in between speeches, making people want to stay longer and not miss out.

KIO provide free raffles, and played guessing games, and did a surprise dance for the audience.

Welcoming remarks were conveyed by KIO President Angeline Heine-Reimers. She thanked guests for joining KIO in celebrating its 15the anniversary. “The mission of KIO is bigger than you, bigger than yourself,” she said. “So over the years I’ve learned humility, forgiveness and trying to look at the bigger picture that it’s for the community, it’s for the people that we’re coming together for, trying to improve — because that is the motto of KIO,” she said.

Photographer Chewy Lin put together a slide show showing the work KIO has accomplished in its first years of existence. It provided a touching and engaging pictorial history for the KIO members. The photos included members on island as well as those off island.

Guest speaker of the evening was Ambassador Neijon, who helped come up with KIO’s name. She explained that KIO describes women who get her work done before the sun is up. Not the kind of woman who sits around and waits for things to happen but the kind of women who know what do to for their families, communities and their country.

“Don’t ask what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country,” she said quoting US President John F. Kennedy.

KIO has delivered on many successful projects such as development of Katoj Park, distribution of environmentally and health friend smokeless stove, and lately, Dren in Mour, the small home water purifying units.

“I really want to show off KIO,” said Ambassador Neijon, commenting on the many talented women who have joined together to share with those who can benefit from the help.

A special award was announced by Florence Edwards. The award was for late Michael Trevor for all his help and the behind the scenes work he did for KIO. His daughter Peggy Trevor received the award. Peggy thanked KIO for the award on behalf on her family. She encouraged KIO to continue on their journey.

KIO Vice President July Note Jordan thanked KIO’s family members and partners for joining them. She thanked KIO for its hard work for the past 15 years. And she thanked all the husbands of KIO members for always supporting their wives.


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