Korea wants Mili for hotel

Journal 7/27/1984

P1 Headstart funding doubled Parents of young children throughout the Marshalls have a group of people to be thankful to: the new board and staff of Marshall Islands Islands Headstart, Inc. Our local Headstart program last June, in competition with over 1,600 other federal agencies, was successful in obtaining a permanent $200,000 increase in their budget — the highest increase in the Pacific area and the second substantial increase obtained by the new board since they took over independent operation of the activity from the Marshalls Community Action Agency a year ago. According to Headstart board chairman Fred Pedro, the level of funding for the Marshalls Headstart program stagnated at approximately $385,000 for nearly 10 years.

P3 Fishing winners President Kabua and Miss Billfish Ronna Helkena opened the awards ceremony for the Second Annual Marshall Islands Fishing Tournament. Tojio Clanton won a roundtrip ticket to the Fiji International Fishing Tournament for catching the biggest marlin at 195lb. Minister Atjang Paul got the Big Story award for the fish that got away. Steve Andrike brought in the biggest wahoo, a beautiful 54 pounder. Norbert Reimers caught the largest tuna, 33lb.

P17 Billiard boys Nokko Kabua showed good form in the Friday night billiard tournament at the Limjelele. He was nosed out by super cue Danny Was in the game. Una ended up the eventual winner by beating Walton in the finals. Telesa and Lester made it to the semi-finals by overcoming Tommy and Frank in the first round.

Journal 7/26/1996

P1 Koreans want Mili A Korean investment group is proposing to invest close to $1 billion in major resort developments, including casinos, hotels and golf courses, in Mili and Majuro atolls. The planned investment includes relocation of Mili islanders to accommodate major resort development.

P4 Good news Dr. Alex Pinano has been awarded official recognition from the US Department of State for medical services provided to the American Embassy in Majuro. US Ambassador Joan Plaisted made the presentation.

P6 ‘And the people spoke music’ People in Majuro and Namdrik will be treated to special performances of “…And the People Spoke Music,” a play by Dan Kelin, a drama teacher working with Honolulu Theater for Youth. The play will premiere in the Marshall Islands from August 14-18. Letao, the Marshallese trickster, is the central character in the play.

P12 Namdrik celebrates The lights have been officially turned on at Namdrik Atoll. The inauguration of the solar energy lighting system was attended by President Amata Kabua and First Lady Emlain.

P16 Some action at last? We used to call the Eastern Gateway Hotel the longest running construction project in the northern Pacific. But since not a hammer or saw or paint brush has so much as been lifted in the half-finished hotel’s vicinity in the past four years, it doesn’t qualify for that title anymore. Could some life get breathed back into the hotel that has turned into just another Majuro eyesore, blocking the view to one of the nicest beaches on the island? Local businessman Kejjo Bien thinks so. The Korean investors group that is planning major casino resorts in Laura and Mili is also interested in the Eastern Gateway.

Journal 7/27/2007

P18 Canoe reincarnation It’s hard to think about outrigger canoes in the Marshall Islands without Dennis Alessio’s name popping into mind. For nearly 20 years, Alessio has been at the heart of a revival of interest in canoe building, sailing and navigation. Alessio left the Marshall Islands last week but his legacy in canoe building continues to reverberate through the Waan Aelon in Majel program, now ably run by Alson Kelen.


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