Kwaj system did its job

USAG-KA Commander Jeremy Bartel (left) and Kwajalein Hospital Administrator Steve Kass gave a tour of isolation and quarantine facilities to a Nitijela delegation this past summer. Photo: Hilary Hosia.

Kwajalein officials said the quarantine process at the Army base is working exactly as it is supposed to.

In response to questions from the Journal, the US Army Garrison — Kwajalein Atoll (USAG-KA) command confirmed that from last week’s repatriated personnel going into quarantine here, two tested positive for Covid-19.

“They have no signs or symptoms and are continuing the quarantine process while being closely monitored by our medical team,” said USAG-KA Public Affairs Officer Mike Brantley. “We treat all incoming people as if they have Covid to ensure there is no risk of community spread.”

Brantley emphasized: “The quarantine process at Kwajalein has done exactly what it was designed to do. This is a ‘layered’ defense, designed to identify any positive cases along the entire timeline.”

He said USAG-KA is working closely with the RMI government “to return our workforce safely to Kwajalein, ensuring the health and safety of all residents is maintained. Our number one priority is to prevent COVID-19 from entering the RMI.”


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