Ladie wins marlin bucks

Journal 2/26/1982

P5 Among other things by Akio Heine There is no denying that the Marshallese people who live on Ebeye have been stripped of their dignity and respect. There is no denying, too, that there are tyrannical forces — both from within and outside the Marshalls — trying to keep people oppressed. But for many of these transplanted Marshallese on Ebeye, who live there by choice by the way, they can always return to their home islands and live a more dignified and respectful life if they so choose. The sad fact is many Marshallese today equate dignity and respect with working for Global Associates (Kwajalein contractor) or the government of the Marshalls, however menial the job is.

P5 High praises hospital design Pre-final plans for the new 80-bed Majuro hospital are now approved. Deputy HiCom Dan High said he came to Majuro to review the plans that GovMar has come up with. “I think it is an outstanding effort by government of the Marshalls,” said High.

Journal 2/25/1994

P14 Visionary behind multipurpose building One man’s vision of quality education has resulted in the erection of a multipurpose building at the Delap Seventh Day Adventist School, for which a groundbreaking ceremony was held February 17. That man, Dr. Henry Samuel, also instilled his vision “in the hearts and minds of those who work at SDA,” aid SDA School System Principal Bruce Lane, as he told the audience of the project’s history. During the ceremony, Lane and President Amata Kabua laid a cornerstone on the building’s foundation.

P17 NTA holds third annual meet The Marshall Islands National Telecommunications Authority on February 17 held its third annual shareholders meeting at NTA headquarters building in Majuro. Shareholders elected the following toe serve as board of directors for 1994: Alex Bing, Fred Pedro, Helena Alik, Samson Bellu, Alan Fowler, Grant Labaun, Francis Reimers and Dennis Momotaro.

P22 Breaking ground Leroij Chiaya Anmontha symbolically shoveled sand onto a cross drawn on her land where a small church, affiliated with the Rita Protestant Church, will be built. Also participating in the groundbreaking ceremony were Mayor Amatlain Kabua and Rev. Enja Enos.

P23 Laura Calvary School second quarter honor roll 12th grade Melody Kattil, David Rakinmeto, Dickson Jinuna, Jensen Lemari, Sustila Laibwij, Aron Bikajle and Lynn Capelle.

Journal 2/25/2005

P3 RMI suicides down by 30 percent in 2004 The good news first: The number of suicides in the Marshall Islands dropped nearly 30 percent last year compared to 2003, declining from an all-time high of 26 to 19. The bad news: The number of suicides on both Ebeye and the outer islands increased significantly, with Ebeye up 50 percent and the outer islands more than 100 percent. Statistics provided by the Ministry of Health show that in 2004, there were eight suicides in Majuro, six on Ebeye and five on the outer islands. This compares to 20, four and two, respectively, for the three locations in 2003.

P8 Sear, Rice win race glory The MALGov-sponsored canoe race on Majuro lagoon last Saturday saw 11 boats head out from the beach in front of Marshall Islands Resort. Class A, with a prize of $1,000, was take out by Bokro, owned by Bander Loeak and skippered by Sear Elias. In Class B, the only boat to finish was Ilo Etan owned by Sandy Alfred and skippered by Rice Snight. They won $1,000.

P19 Ladie lures in the big bucks Majuro Atoll Local Government Councilman Ladie Jack, fishing with Team Mini, walked away with a handsome $3,820 from last Saturday’s Marshalls Billfish Club tournament. To win the money in the Jakie Jacob memorial competition, Jack brought home a 317-pound marlin.

P32 Stage production The students of Marshall Islands High School, with a lot of help from the Dartmouth College volunteers, are staging the William Shakespeare play Twelfth Night for four nights from March 9-12.