Lae and Ujae health surveys


Journal 9/30/1977

P3 Pacific manganese interests scientists
Scientists from around the world are examining manganese “rocks” found in the Pacific Ocean with greater interest than ever before. The reason is that the demand for valuable hard-minerals has doubled in the past 20 years, and experts now predict the value will double again in the next two decades.
P6 Education program receives federal grants
The Department of Education received two grants last week, $843,804 for bilingual education programs and $138,357 for a “reading improvement” project for the Trust Territory.

Journal 9/28/1990

P2 Former PCV launches radiation survey
The largest survey of women’s and children’s health gets underway later this week on Lae and Ujae. Glenn Alcalay, a medial anthropologist from the East Coast, will be conducting the survey around the Marshalls.
Alacalay is a former Peace Corps Volunteer who lived on Utrik from 1975 to 1977. “Fifteen years ago on Utrik, I learned of a whole range of health problems the people believed were caused by nuclear tests,” Alcalay said. “I heard anecdotal remarks about stillbirths and miscarriages and I wanted to come back to look at it in a systematic way.”
P3 Big airline deal
President Amata Kabua signed an agreement for AMR Services to handle sales and marketing for Air Marshall Islands. AMR Services is a division of AMR Corporation that owns American Airlines. Joining in the signing ceremony were Fred Pedro, AMR representative Gene Horrigan, AMI GM Richard Saumell and Attorney General Greg Danz.
P10 Mercy ends era of Majuro hospital management
When Mercy International Health Services advisor Ken Hansen leaves his office at Majuro hospital this week, it will mark the end of the Mercy management program. Since 1985, Mercy staff have managed the hospital in Majuro, and for the past two years on Ebeye.
The real story, says Hansen, is the fact that Mercy staff have not been running Majuro hospital for over a year now. “The decision to phase out was made one year ago,” he said. “Our counterparts were ready.”
Mercy started with four management staff here in 1985, a year before the new hospital opened. In 1988, the number was trimmed to two in Majuro and for the first time Mercy began managing the Ebeye hospital.
P17 September draught causing critical water shortage
“Water for only one hour a week.” That was the reply from MWSC’s Manager Bernie Cotter to what might happen if the current drought continues. Normally September supplies an average of 14 inches of rain.
With only four days left in the month, only four inches have dropped. Without rain, the seven million gallons of water we had in store last week have dropped to four million.

Journal 9/24/1999

P2 Memorandum of understanding signed
Australian Ambassador Timothy Cole and Atran Lakabung, officer in charge at the Majuro Weather Station, signed an agreement that includes the RMI in the countries monitoring sea level to provide climate change information.
P11 PMOP Company opening
PMO Processing Company’s loining plant was blessed in Majuro on Wednesday. Many local dignitaries attended the ceremony. Leroij Toej Albattar and First Lady Hiromi Kabua cut the ribbon for the new tuna plant.