Lae, Majuro win basketball

Men’s division champion Team Lae after their game October 8 in the Ralik Ratak National Championship Basketball Tournament. Photo: Hilary Hosia.


Lae added yet another win to their championship record following a close victory over Maloelap during the Ralik Ratak National Basketball championships over the weekend at the Assumption multipurpose court in Uliga.

The game literally had fans — both humans and vehicles — cheering/honking for the players throughout the match, which ended at 64-60.

In the women’s division, Majuro defeated Lae for the championship. Lae has kept a winning streak in Majuro throughout the years but were outmatched and outrun by the Majuro squad. The Hiroko Obeketang/Benia Hang duo kept Lae at bay. The end score: 56-48.

Lae’s veteran player and sharpshooter Nao Shoniber was named MVP for the men’s division while rising star Hiroko Obeketang was named MVP for the women’s division.

In addition, team Majuro bombarded their way to third place following a whopping 91-55 victory over Arno earlier in the day.

To spice things up, Miss Ebon contestant Ellen Chong Gum made an appearance and sponsored a three-point half time show contest during the women’s finals. Of the three brave participants that took on the challenge, Jeita Peter from Uliga walked away with $100 cash prize.

The event was coordinated by Majuro Atoll Local Government and Marshall Islands Basketball Federation.


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