Latest runner is fastest

Hermon Lajar crosses the finish line first ahead of Weiki Lanki in the masters section of Majuro Day sports events at the new Jenrok track and field facility March 18. Photo: Hilary Hosia.

“Hey, wait for me, where do I sign up?” came the faint voice of Hermon Lajar seconds before the 100 meter race for the masters category began during the second day of Majuro Day games at the track and field stadium in Jenrok.

Officials raised their red flags to accommodate the last minute request and reassembled the runners at the starting line.

“Brrrt” went the whistle and the runners took off. Hermon secured first place followed by a horde of runners aged 35 and above trying to catch their breaths and stretching to avoid cramps. “We still…got it…in us,” one runner said panting as he went straight to the ground and began stretching.


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