Laura farmers honored

Majuro Mayor Ladie Jack tries out the new wood chipper by giving it a tree branch to turn into mulch during a gathering with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Commerce and Laura Farmers Association last weekend. Photo: Eve Burns.

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Commerce (NRC) and Laura Farmers Association (LFA) gathered for a day of recognition and a BBQ lunch.

LFA is a non-government organization that helps farmer with tools and seedlings to improve farming here in the Marshall Islands. The organization first started in 2005 but has been inactive for a while until earlier this year. NRC Agriculture Division staff Risa Kabua Myazoe and Randon Jack were the ones hard at work to bring back LFA. The mission of the LFA is a Marshallese proverb “Ellok e lobdeinpeimuunar e,” which translates to “in our own hands is our future.” LFA envisions Majuro as a healthy community from self-reliance farming of vegetables.

LFA president is Bokmej Bokmej, Jr, Bernie Ishoda is the vice president, Maludrik Maludrik is Secretary and Isaac Thomas is Treasurer.

Supporters include NRC Minister Sandy Alfred, Mayor Ladie Jack, and farmers from Laura. LFA can not only help farmers generate more income but also help with food security, as well as bringing fresh local vegetables into the markets in town where it is much needed, Bokmej said.

Mayor Ladie and Minister Sandy both gave their words of support, saying they will be ready to help.
As part of the day, the farmers and VIPs gathered around to celebrate the new wood chipper that will be used by farmers who need it and enjoyed their BBQ.


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