Laura residents get ‘gravity lights’

Laura High School students distributed gravity lights in the community last week, helping to brighten the outlook for local homes. Photo: Eve Burns.

Commonly known as a go-getter councilman, Jina David joined with Laura High School seniors to distribute gravity light devices throughout Jeirok and Arrak villages last week. The project, “Gravity Lights,” is sponsored by the Majuro Atoll Local Government, the Jo-Jikum youth organization, the National Energy Office, and led by David. 

People were happy to receive the Gravity Lights. LHS students demonstrated how to operate lights and were able to answer questions that were asked regarding the lights.  The LHS students distributed the lights with much excitement and were happy to see people satisfied with their instructions on how to operate the lights. Comments such as “beautiful” and “very useful” were used to describe the lights. 

LHS students distributed the devices over the course of three days after school, and will be awarded $300, which will be donated to their senior class budget by Mayor Ladie Jack. LHS students are involved in their communities and are the best teachers to teach the community about Gravity Lights and how they work.

Last week was a win-win for all parties. The people got their lights, seniors got money for their budget, and David and partners got their report. Gravity lights are not powered by the sun or rain, but powered by the gravitational pull of the earth. 
You fill the bag up with rocks or sand and with the pull of the string the light comes on for 24 to 25 minutes. The weight should be 14 pounds and the height should be 5 feet.

Read more about this in the November 8, 2019 edition of the Marshall Islands Journal.


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