Likiep life is slow and easy

Journal 7/11/1975

P1 No decision yet as deadline nears With the announcement last week by the Marianas delegation to the Micronesian Constitutional convention that they would indeed participate in the ConCon, the question of the Marshalls delegation suddenly became a more spotlighted arena. On July 7, Representative Ataji Balos said in Majuro that no final decision has been made as to whether or not the Marshallese will participate fully, although it is understood that certain elected delegates to the ConCon will be attending despite the fact that the delegation was never formally organized.

P9 JRD holds bi-annual meeting Majuro is filled with an unusually large number of happy people these days — to be exact, there are about 600 visitors in from the outlying islands tending to church business. The group, representatives of individual congregations in the Marshalls-wide Congregational Church — are participating in the bi-annual conference of the Jarin Rarik Dron (JRD). The church members will be electing new offers for their church administration, studying the bible, and participating in song. It is probably one of the biggest activities undertaken by the Marshallese who traditionally have been members of the Congregational sect.

Journal 7/10/1992

P1 Last second hook up Team Jamie members Alex Bing, Imang Chong Gum and James Bing show off the 323 pound marline, which took top billfish honors during the 10th annual tournament. With them at the weigh in was Miss Billfish Ginger Julien.

P5 Baron claims fishing crown Baron Bigler capped a remarkable year of fishing in the two-day annual Marshalls Billfish Club tournament to win the prestigious President’s Cup award. “In the history of the Marshalls Billfish Club, there has never been a streak like it,” reported last month’s MBC newsletter. Fishing with Ronnie Reimers and Steven Phillip on Jinekjij, Bigler caught up to and then went ahead of Helly Kajeong, who held an early point lead into the first of the year.

P8 Nature’s poor aim Majuro received 8.41 inches of rain during June but apparently not much of it fell on the airport catchment area. As of Monday, the main city catchment was down to three million gallons and stricter water rationing was put into effect for Majuro residents.

P9 Open for business After a face-lift, the Downtown Restaurant is back in business with a new sign to advertise its operations. It is owned by Kejjo Bien.

P11 Likiep Atoll: Where the pace of life is slow and easy By Giff Johnson First time visitors to the outer islands are usually struck by the remarkable differences between Majuro or Ebeye and these remote islands. But there dis another stop in the process, too: the small islands in the atoll contrast greatly with the “main” outer island. Edward Capelle, who is 79, was with us on a trip to Liklol Island, at the western tip of Likiep, where some of his sons and their families live. He commented that his son Joseph much prefers staying on this island than in the “big city” of Likiep Island. Liklol defines the term “remote.” Thirty miles west of Likiep, it took us two-and-a-half-hours to get there by boat. Once a hub of copra making on Likiep, Liklol is now home to just two families who live on opposite sides of the large island.

Journal 7/4/2003

P2 Household dumps a growing problem Backyard dump sites in Majuro are not okay — unless they’ve been EPA approved.The EPA estimates there are five community dump sites on private land in Majuro, only three of which have applied for permits. There are many more household-size dumps that have no permits.