Lyla at Lawrence Livermore Lab

Lyla Lemari outside her work place in California.

After eight years of work with the Marshall Islands Marine Resources Authority, Lyla Lemari has taken up work with the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California.

Lyla is Scientific Associate to the Marshall Island Program at Livermore, which is one of a network of US Department of Energy laboratories around the US. Livermore oversees environmental studies of nuclear test-affected atolls in the northern Marshall Islands.

Lyla got her start at MIMRA in the Coastal Division, where she conducted numerous surveys on the outer islands as part of MIMRA’s Reimaanlok (Looking to the Future) Program. Her work involved a good deal of lab work for MIMRA.

Most recently, she spent two years working with MIMRA’s Competent Authority. She and MIMRA lab manager Candice Guavis both have previous experience interning at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.