Major tuna plan canned

Journal 10/8/1973

P7 Cold feet From what we gather from the most recent trip of representatives of the Marshall Islands Development Authority (MIDA) to the mainland US to ascertain the status of Del Monte’s intention to begin a fishing operation in the district, there is not much enthusiasm on the part of the giant food producer. During negotiations with MIDA earlier this year, Del Monte gave the impression that operations could be underway by the end of this year. Now it seems they have a case of cold feet. They talk now about performing a ‘feasibility study’ before making any firm commitment. Sort of puts the pin in the balloon of all the talk in Majuro last May of an “extremely satisfactory” arrangement being reached.

P13 BOA appoints new managers Branches of the Bank of America located in Moen, Truk and Majuro have recently been upgraded to manager-level facilities, according to Ray Girardi, new manager of the branch in Majuro.

Journal 10/9/1992

P1 Knock down the fences The High Court wants the government to prosecute people who knowingly buy stolen goods. Chief Justice Neil Rutledge said people who purchase stolen property only encourage more crimes to be committed. During sentencing Tuesday in a burglary case, the Chief Justice asked government prosecutor, Assistant Attorney General Allan Lolly, to “vigorously” look into prosecuting people who buy goods that they know are stolen.

P3 RMI seeks aid through IMF, World Bank The Marshall Islands is seeking assistance from the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank for developing its national transportation system and its private sector. These two priority areas were among a number of points addressed by Finance Minister Ruben Zackhras in a speech to the annual meeting of the two institutions in Washington, DC last month.

P10 Hot stuff The ninth grade Jaluit High School home economics class was cooking up a storm when our photographer stopped by. The enthusiastic students in this class included Rosemary Louis, Joana Jeik, Atlison Anton, Norina Jotai, Helsay Juonran and Neitom Lani. Their teacher is Wein Isaac, a graduate of JHS, who returned to teach this year after completing a two-year training program at the Micronesian Occupational Center in Palau.

P23 Majuro Heats are hot The Majuro Heats demolished the number two Bad Boys in three straight games to demonstrate without question who is the champion of junior basketball in Majuro. The victories were by scores of 42-33, 36-35 and 42-32. Champion Heats are coached by Ebin Peter.

Journal 10/3/2003

P3 Shocking figures on abuse of RMI women Out of 130 women surveyed in two urban and two outer island areas in the Marshall Islands, 111 women (86 percent) report they have been victims of violence, according to a new study by Women United Together Marshall Islands.

P7 Bank comes of age Customers of the Bank of Marshall Islands were in for a treat Tuesday, because that’s when the financial mob celebrated its 21st anniversary and handed out snacks and cake to all. Cutting the giant birthday cake were branch manager Heran Bellu, internal auditor Kakom Jetnil and president Patrick Chen.

P22 MaryLou markets RMI to the world When a Hawaii newspaper or a glossy US magazine covers a cultural event in the Marshall Islands, chances are the article had something to do with one of Majuro’s most regular visitors, MaryLou Foley. A marketing guru, Foley has been promoting Outrigger Marshall Islands Resort around the world since the hotel opened and is still loving the job seven years later.