Majuro’s dark week

TW-pic-1-15Journal 1/18/1974

P1 The Peace Corps, good or bad? Late in 1966, an invasion, since then compared to that of the US Marines 22 years earlier, was launched by the US Peace Corps in the Trust Territory. Less than one year later, over 700 volunteers, a greater concentration than in any other area in the world, were working in the islands.

P2 Dear Gabby by M. Gabby Keith Dear Gabby, I’m having problems with my US history class at Majuro High School. I’m studying about the early pioneers and their actions. My question is simple, Gabby. What is a “pioneer” of early America? —Freddie Dear Freddie: A cowboy who could run faster than the indians.

P11 TT to overhaul its forms Trust Territory Director of Public Affairs Strik Yoma announced the assignment of June D. Winham, public information specialist with the Public Information Division, as forms management officer. She will work with the publications division in the evaluation of all forms presently in use in the TT government and the design of new or revised forms.

Journal 1/18/1991

P15 Car registration delayed No cars are presently being issued with stickers in Majuro. The National Police say they have not yet received any registration stickers. So if you go to register your car and get your sticker, the police will say, “Go away and drive your car without one.”

P18 Impounded! Starting this year, the Department of Public Safety has impounded every government vehicle that is not painted white and sporting the government seal. The last two weeks the department has impounded six government cars.

Journal 1/21/2000

P10 Bikinians celebrate new Town Hall The celebration for the Kili/Bikini Council’s new Town Hall was worthy of the stylish new building that now adorns Majuro’s downtown row. Hundreds of Bikinians and other Majuro residents joined in to watch Mayor Tomaki Juda and the Council be sworn in, and the $500,000 building be dedicated.

P12 Dark week Power went on and off so many times in Majuro Monday and Tuesday that island residents almost lost count. Four times seems to be the exact number. Majuro’s gotten a taste of what it’s been like on Ebeye, except now Ebeye’s got 24-hour power.

P19 Japan’s 14M road turned over Japan’s $14 million road paving project in Majuro formally came to a close last Friday with the official handover ceremony. First Lady Mary Note and Hannah Zedkaia, wife of Vice Speaker Jurelang Zedkaia, cut the ribbon officially completing the Japanese-funded Majuro road project.

P20 The CMI campus beat A fruitful meeting last Friday afternoon between new Minister of Education Wilfred Kendall and CMI deans, chairpeople, decision makers, hosted by Carl Hacker, newly designated Dean of Administration. The main focus: the grave teacher education crisis in the RMI and what we can do about it. During the meeting, Minister Kendall learned that no such brainstorming ministerial meetings had ever occurred before on campus — and he was amazed. So were the deans and decision makers: a Minister who is willing to get down to the nitty gritty details of higher higher education!