MALGov police to round up dogs

Dog on left: "Where’s this dog’s collar?" Dog on right: "I got one." Photo: Hilary Hosia
Dog on left: “Where’s this dog’s collar?” Dog on right: “I got one.” Photo: Hilary Hosia

Any dog in the Rita to Delap area that is not wearing a collar will be at risk of being round up and taken to the Majuro Atoll Local Government Police Station in Delap on Saturday morning.

A report about a Senator being concerned about an increase in the number of dog attacks was the stimulus for the round-up, which will take place between 7am and 9am.

“We will be using the animal control vehicle with two officers to do the round-up,” MALGov Sheriff Willard Lathrop said. “Regular patrol officers who see stray dogs, will radio in their whereabouts.”

The criteria for picking up an animal is “any dog running loose without a collar,” Lathrop said.

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