Mary: Ebeye is number 1

Journal 9/3/1982

P1 Wind and rain from storm blast Majuro Tropical storm Akoni has been down-graded to a tropical depression but you would not know it here. The winds were out of the west sending several boats to the bottom or the beach. Rainfall in the past 36 hours was recorded at 4.44 inches.

P2 Ebb and Flow Nauru President Hammer DeRoburt stopped in Majuro this week. He reported that the permit of the Aqua Bar has been approved by the Corps of Engineers. Standing beside Marshalls Finance Minister Charles Dominck, the President joked that he was here to check on the Marshalls debt to Nauru. Nauru is doing an experiment in transshipment of fish from Christmas Island to Nauru through Majuro.

Journal 9/9/1994

P3 Awards paid to claimants Forty-two newly eligible claimants have received their first payment from the Nuclear Claims Tribunal, according to Chairman Oscar deBrum. A total of $545,000 was awarded to the claimants from Majuro and Ebeye.

P5 Blue Horizons Air Marshall Islands has just published the first edition of its new inflight magazine, Blue Horizons. The all-color, 36-page magazine features some great photos of the Marshalls and a lot of fishing, including a feature on the July fishing tournament awards night.

P8 The Social Scene by Mary Robinson “My island of Ebeye is the most important island in the Marshall Islands because we bring in most of the money and are the reason the American missile base is located there. The next important island is Majuro, where the capital is located.”

Journal 9/9/2005

P8 Call for government to stop hiring binge The RMI government needs to halt the increasing number of government employees, a report from the Ministry of Finance says. The report issued last week by Finance Minister Brenson Wase calls the recent increase in the government workforce “alarming.” The government payroll skyrocketed to $30 million last year, compared to 1999, when salaries to government workers totaled $19 million.

P11 Who decides? What’s the criteria for giving a Cabinet minister or a Secretary for a ministry a new vehicle? We notice that Cabinet ministers and other high level people show up periodically driving classy new vehicles (paid for by us) and we wonder if there’s any criteria for giving them a new vehicle? Like, if you’re a head of a business that has a really good year, you get a bonus at year’s end: maybe cash, maybe stocks, maybe a new car, maybe all of the above. But what if you don’t produce? Should you still get the goodies?

P20 Chiefs: ‘US out in 2016’ The four paramount chiefs of Kwajalein have issued their bluntest statement yet about the end of US use of the missile range at Kwajalein. In a letter to American charitable organizations, the four chiefs said they “have ruled out any future possibility of a renewal of the Land Use Agreement (LUA)” and want to begin planning now for a return to their islands in 2016, when the current LUA expires.

P21 Women work out how to get started An exceptionally well-attended workshop brought about 60 women together for day-long discussions about business development in Majuro. But many of the women identified a critical missing link: No money to start up a small business. The result? Women have business ideas, some even have developed plans. But they can’t move forward without capital, in some cases very small amounts of money.