Mayors name new leadership

A Marshall Islands Mayors Association session at the International Conference Center. Many different ministries and agencies meet with the mayors during the week.
Photo: Eve Burns.

The two top positions in the Marshall Islands Mayors Association changed hands Monday this week at the opening of the group’s annual meeting.

Wotje Mayor Joe Hanchor was elected the new president of MIMA at Monday’s opening day of the annual meeting.

The election took place after the opening held at the International Conference Center in Majuro. Hanchor replaces the late Namu Mayor Manini Jr. Kabua, who was MIMA president until his untimely death last month.

Hanchor and Jaluit Mayor Alington Robert, the former vice president, were both nominated for the top position in MIMA. The result of the vote was 16-6 in favor of Hanchor.

Ailinglaplap Mayor Riming Ring was unanimously elected vice president of MIMA. 

Long-time Jabat Mayor Mayor Heinkey Lomwe was re-appointed again to be the floor leader for MIMA for the duration of this term.  He was re-appointed by the newly elected MIMA President Mayor Hanchor.


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