MEC profits over $550,000

TW-pic-11-13Journal 11/5/1976

P3 Betelnut battle reigns in islands Two Micronesians who chew betelnut have come out in support of Guam Congressman Antonio Won Pat in his fight with US government officials in Washington over the recent betelnut ban. Palau District Administration Thomas Remengesau says the Guam Congressman should be awarded 1,000 betelnuts in recognition of his courageous fight against US Health, Education and Welfare Department officials in the betelnut war. “When the US Surgeon General warned that ‘Cigarette Smoking is Dangerous to Your Health,’ HEW officials didn’t take notice of the warning, and the cigarette manufacturers continue to ship their deadly commodities over state lines and on to foreign countries,” said Remengesau. “But when some sun-crazed officials at HEW say that betelnut may be dangerous, the entire department goes on the war path on an issue they know nothing about and a practice that they themselves have never tried.” “About the only danger involved when you chew betelnut,” said Valentine Sengebau, assistant editor of the Micronesian Reporter, “is that you’re liable to get your white shirt stained.”

Journal 11/16/1990

P8 Wotje breaks ground for high school The long awaited kick off for the new Wotje Atoll high school took place last week, with Education Ministry officials, Nitijela and Cabinet members, and traditional leaders traveling to the northern atoll for the ceremony. Charlie Domnick’s Anil Construction crew is already starting work.

P10 Burying the cable A United Atoll construction crew was working on installing the new cable that will be used for fiber optic telephone communications with the outside world. It is the latest step in communications changes for Majuro.

P11 Capital construction picks up speed The beginnings of the third floor on the capital building were evident at the Delap construction site this week. Foundation work by PII/McConnell Dowell has already started on the Nitijela building next door.

P28 Brothers All knock off Brand X The Brothers All clinched second place in the Majuro basketball league by shutting down Brand X’s offense and holding off a last minute comeback to win 52-50 this week.

Journal 11/12/1999

P1 It’s a deal Savannah’s Restaurant in Delap was the venue for the out-of-court settlement of a dispute involving the site for the new Majuro Atoll Local Government building. Jurelang Zedkaia, who is the landowner of the property as well as a prominent Nitijela member, negotiated the truce with Yong Ji, who has a disputed 55-year lease on the property.

P1 Banner week for MEC The Marshalls EnergyCompany earned a net profit of more than $550,000 in FY1998, according to the RMI Auditor General’s latest report, making it the only RMI entity making money. This week, engineers also tested one of the two generators at the new Majuro power plant. The new plant’s start-up for service for Majuro is “imminent,” said MEC General Manager Billy Roberts.

P26 New coach for Majuro The Embassy of the Republic of China announced this week that Taiwan national basketball team coach Chuun-ching Liou arrived Majuro last Friday.

P34 Congressman wants report on how we spent money A powerful US Congressman has asked the General Accounting Office to conduct a broad review of Compact spending by the Marshall Islands and Federated States of Micronesia.Rep. Doug Bereuter, chairman of the Subcommittee on Asia and the Pacific, made the request recently, and the GAO has already begun preparations for the review.