Micro Games action hits fever pitch

Pictured with the real-time countdown device Tuesday at the International Conference Center, from left: Tony Wase, Minister Tony Muller, Setoki Qalubau, Mack Capelle, Damien Jacklick, Waylon Muller and Allen Mwekto. Photo: Hilary Hosia.

The International Conference Center at the heart of Majuro is expected to showcase the most advanced and cutting-edge technology ever used in the sports arena in the Marshall Islands.

Technical team from the National Telecommunication Authority has been busy the past few days installing computers and wires in preparation for the Micronesian Games. One gadget that stands out is the real-time countdown device — a savvy horizontal screen with a welcoming presence.

The ICC venue will house the wrestling and weightlifting competitions — two of RMI’s medal-producing sports.

Micro Games officials inspect the track and field facility at Jenrok last weekend. National Olympic Committee representative Terry Sasser is at left. Next to him is Majol2024 Micro Games Organizing Committee Chairman Tony Muller. At right is contractor representative Kenneth Kramer of Pacific International Inc., which built the facility. Photo: Hilary Hosia.

In related Micro Games news:

Micronesian Games officials conducted a site inspection tour of the Jenrok track and field facility last Friday. Numerous final tweaks and improvements are being made to the track, particularly for the field events, and for the softball field by Pacific International Inc., which built the facility.

“We are almost there,” said Minister Tony Muller during the site inspections over the weekend.

The Micronesian Games will officially launch Saturday June 15 at the Jenrok Track and Field.

The late afternoon opening ceremony tentatively scheduled to start at 5pm will feature a parade of athletes, coaches and officials as part of the ceremony that will be filled music, dancing and a few speeches.

A highlight of the event will be the lighting of the Micronesian Games flame, which will stay lit throughout the June 15-24 competition. Multi-medal winner wrestling athlete, coach and administrator Waylon Muller will have the honor of lighting the flame.

Multi-medal winning weightlifter Mattie Sasser will be the RMI’s flag bearer for the event.

Final touches were being put on the track and field facility last week and this week to ready it for the opening.

Meanwhile, Marshall Islands High School — venue of the Athletes Village — has received a significant renovation for the event.


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