Minister Kijiner submits RepMar UN application

tw-pic-8-12Journal 8/20/1976

P1 Nitijela passes Con-Con bill The Marshall Islands Nitijela has approved a bill which calls for the convening of a Constitutional Convention in the district this coming year. The bill, introduced by member Jina Lavin, provides $150,000 for the expenses of the measure and stipulates that 48 delegates will constitute the convention. Included in the delegate  structure are two representatives and one senator from the Marshalls delegation to the Congress of Micronesia, all eight of the seated iroij in the Marshall Islands Nitijela, plus one iroij from Mejit, one from Arno Atoll, and an owner-delegate from Likiep. Thirty-three remaining delegates are to be elected from the various individual islands in the Marshalls.

P5 The American Pacific Magazine The American Pacific magazine began its career this month with a first issue circulated through the islands in a fanfare of hubbub. The publication is the brainchild of Bruce Jensen, a longtime traveler/businessman in the area who has been toying with the idea of getting into the publishing game for quite some time. Now that Bruce has done it, we have to admit his first shot was a good one and we wish him the best.

P11 Kabua launches fishing boat Marshalls Senator Amata Kabua had a happy day Saturday, when he saw the successful launching of his new wood/fiberglass deep sea fishing boat. The 50-foot craft, constructed entirely by local labor, was lavishly launched by a huge crowd of well-wishers and friends estimated at near 1,000.

Journal 8/16/1991

P2 Minister Kijiner submits RepMar UN application The formal application for RMI membership in the United Nations was received July 29 at UN Headquarters in New York. The presentation of the application was made by Minister of Foreign Affairs Tom Kijiner.

P4 Lucky high school students The College of the Marshall Islands has started “ColPrep,” a new preparation program for students planning to go to university. The academic best of Majuro’s high school seniors attend their high school in the morning, then CMI for afternoon classes in English, math and science. The pioneers are: Dorothy Sime, Esther Nang, Hemline Ysawa, Jimmie Akeang, Roselyn Anton, Yolanda Lodge, Yolene Tolwi, Kimtak Taidrik, Vincan Hidai, Doster Kabua and William Gordon.

P14: Monster marlin A whopping 662 pound Pacific blue marlin caught by Ronnie Reimers last Sunday brings satisfaction to his teammates. Question: How did they ever get the monster on board?

P18 Surf’s up Monday’s strong west winds and waves damaged the houses lagoon side opposite MJCC in Delap.

Journal 8/18/2000

P7 Celebrity greeting RMI basketball starts Ditah Wase, Krystal Mino, Georgina John and Penny Kabua — all members of the RMI’s bronze medal team from Outrigger’s Micronesian Basketball Tournament earlier this month — were welcomed on arrival in Honolulu last weekend with flower leis by Gloria Lani, Diane Tibies and Atlice Balos.

P22 Analysis of PILL test results Since 1994, the Ministry of Education has administered the Pacific Islands Literacy test to all four graders in the Marshall Islands. This test measures English reading and writing, Marshallese reading and writing, and numeracy. For the first time in July 1999, MOE released the test results from 1994 to 1998. The percentage of students “at risk” (not at grade level) in 1998 ranged from 60 percent at Rita Elementary and 63 percent at Laura Elementary to 82 percent at Woja Elementary and 80 percent at Uliga Elementary.