All-Mike fishing tourney Friday

Debby Schutz is the 29th Budweiser All-Micronesia Fishing Tournament’s Miss All-Micronesia. She was photographed in the RRE Hotel area by Eve Burns.

Debby Schutz is Miss All-Micronesia for the annual fishing tournament that will be held Friday and Saturday this week — the 29th annual tourney hosted by the Marshalls Billfish Club. Weigh in of the angelers’ catches will happen each day by the Marshalls Billfish Club clubhouse at RRE Shoreline from 5pm.

If any one individual embodies the spirit of the regional All-Mike tourney, it is Debby, who describes herself as “born and raised in the Marshall Islands and ethnically, Chuukese and I-Kiribati.” She graduate from Xavier High School in Chuuk and recently completed the RMI-USP Program in Majuro. She is an artist and a climate activist, whose artwork can be seen around town, including on the trash bins that are located in parks around the island aimed at decreasing littering.

Debby is a super creative personality. “I enjoy a lot of art-related pastimes including painting, writing poetry, and amateur photography,” she said. “Currently I am working towards establishing myself as a freelance artist as well as applying for schools to further my education.”

She will be on hand to welcome the fishers back each day.


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