Miss Majol huge hit in Laura

Miss Marshall Islands Billma Peter, center back, was a hit with Laura residents during last Saturday’s Marshall Islands Chamber of Commerce annual Christmas parade in Laura. Photo: Eve Burns.

Laura was visited by Santa and his helpers last Saturday. The parade was hosted by the Chamber of Commerce. OCIT, Bank of Guam, police, and Red Cross all helped with the parade and gave Laura people a great time and many goodies.

Although the kids were excited for Santa and candies, they were more excited to see Miss Majol Billma Peter. Many of the kids were seeing Miss Majol in person for the first time and forgot they were suppose to get candies instead of yelling “Miss Majol.”
Miss Majol was a delight, waving and greeting the kids near the road. Laura was in a treat this year to get Santa and his helpers along with Marshall Islands first ever Miss Majol.

The police force also helped with giving out candies and crowd control. Bank of Guam brought in a mix of candies and umbrellas. To the say the least, Laura Christmas parade was a successful and a memorable one for local residents.

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