Miss Marshalls hits high notes

With Power 103.5FM DJ Yastamon, left, holding court, the Miss Marshall Islands contestants had the opportunity to respond to his questions and each other. What struck fans most on this competition is the sisterhood vibe that resonated from the girls in their interview Monday with DJ Yastamon at Marshall Islands Resort’s Lomalo Room. Photo: Eve Burns


The long-anticipated Miss Marshall Islands (MMI) pageant has finally arrived to the delight of thousands of Marshallese people. The second of its kind since 2019, it is the talk of the town and the trend on social media.

The 20 contestants are operating on a tight schedule for eight days with two days left before the main event — the crowning of Miss Aelon Kein this Saturday. During their first public appearance, the MMI contestants checked into their hotel rooms at Marshall Islands Resort last Friday. Then the contestants posed with the first-ever MMI Billma Peter for the cameras captured by their official photographer Chewy Lin and the pageant’s media production team based in the Philippines CSI.

A day later they gathered at MIR Melele Room touching on social topics conducted by the Ministry of Health and Human Services and Women United Together Marshall Islands. Reverend Palukne Johnny blessed the contestants at a packed ceremony at the United Church of Christ in Uliga Sunday. Later in the day, they returned to MIR Melele Room participating in a sashing ceremony. Tuesday the MMI contestants got to showcase their platforms for the first time to the nation.

After they addressed their platforms at Melele Room, they engaged in a Q&A session with the judging panel consisting of Lita Flood, Randon Jack, Junior Paul, Deborah Shoniber, and Lena Tiobech. MMI 2023 Facebook page recently put up a voting for the People’s Choice Award. The contestants with the most likes or reactions will be announced on the crowing night.

Artist Ronnie Reimers developed unique artwork for five of the Miss Marshall Islands contestants: Aur, Likiep, Mili, Majuro and Jaluit.

This Thursday, Majuro residents will get a brief glimpse of the Misses on the streets in the upcoming float parade from Rita Alwal to Delap Park. Then spectators will get a chance to see the talent of each of MMI contestants performing on stage. The event at Delap Park will also feature One Island, One Product displays by multiple islands and agencies.

Saturday is the crowing event, starting 7pm, at ICC.

RMI buckle up the show is just beginning for the next Miss Aelon Kein.


What struck fans most on this competition is the sisterhood vibe that resonated from the girls in their interview Monday with Power 103.5FM DJ Yastamon at Marshall Islands Resort’s Lomalo Room. The Interview showed the contestants looked up to their predecessors and that they began to share a close bond with each other.


The Miss Marshall Islands pageant has sparked an outpouring of creativity from local artists: great photography, fabulous artwork, unique clothing designs showcasing island fashions, and superb accessories and handicrafts.

Talk about putting our best foot forward. This pageant is doing just that.

One of the outstanding developments has come from the hand and mind of artist Ronnie Reimers, who has created beautiful and iconic images of Miss Marshall Islands for several different islands. Ronnie’s handiwork promotes these islands in a unique manner.

His artwork showcases the Misses in jaki ed, many with tattoos, wearing marmar, with island-related themes — Likiep fan, Aur oboñ, Jaluit ametama: Ronnie has outdone himself in the creative department.


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