Miss Marshalls Pageant enthralls RMI

Miss Marshall Islands Pageant contestants lined up during a special “meet the press” event at the Marshall Islands Resort Monday in Majuro. Photo: Kelly Lorennij.


Who will be crowned the first Miss Marshall Islands?

While the official Miss Marshall Islands Pageant kicked off with President Hilda Heine handing each of the 24 contestants their sashes last Sunday at the Marshall Islands Resort, Monday marked the first time the young women spoke to the public via live stream broadcast by the National Telecommunications Authority and V7AB Radio during a press conference at Melele Room in MIR.

In the press conference, contestants shared their platforms — the issues of interest and concern to each contestant — to a panel of five judges before being cross-examined on their platforms.

Most of the chosen platforms focused on improving the healthcare system, boosting the economy, increasing access to education, nuclear and climate justice, and sustaining Marshallese identity, Miss Namdrik Naupaka Ackley chose a unique approach to motivate kids to school and good health through what she called “support sports to the kids.”

Prior to the coronation of the first Miss Marshall Islands at the International Conference Center this Saturday, the contestants were scheduled to hold photo shoots and cultural events at Eneko Island Tuesday prior to the public motorcade and talent competition at Delap Park Thursday afternoon.

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