MOH is in a drug crisis

TW-1-29Journal 1/28/1977

P1 Afraid to talk US Central Intelligence Agency officials testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee January 24 on charges that the CIA spied on delegates from Micronesia who were negotiating political status relations with the United States. William Colby, a former CIA Director, and E. Henry Knock, the Acting Director until President Carter names a new one, testified for five hours behind closed doors in the capitol. They eluded reporters by leaving through a back door, UPI report.

P4 Want MIDA audited A press conference was called January 24 by two members of the Marshall Islands delegation to the Congress of Micronesia following a recommendation by Lee Hoskins, Chief of the Micronesian Bureau of Investigation that the Marshall Islands Development Authority (MIDA) be independently audited. Congressmen John Heine and Chuji Chutaro stated that a number of questions had been raised by leaders in the Marshalls as to various activities of MIDA. Charles Domnick, Chairman of MIDA, stated the audit, which was made two years ago, is a matter of public record. “We stand ready to be audited at anytime,” he said.

Journal 2/1/1991

P12 Mili population expands by millions The 1991 giant clam aquaculture season started with a successful spawning of the largest of the giant clam species at the Bue Island hatchery site, reports Neal Skinner, director of Marshall Islands Aquaculture. Several of the brood stock giant clams started spawning last Tuesday. Quick action by Handelson Chutaro enabled the team to collect millions of fertilized eggs that, although growing very quickly, will not be big enough to see for another three months.

P15 CMI: What’s in a name? What’s in a name? Well, quite a lot, if you pay attention to advertising and image building. Like, if you were a girl, would you rather go out with a guy named Melvin, or a guy with a good strong name like “Joe”? Well, this consciousness of the psychological effect names have on people extends to the Board of Regents of the (until now) College of Micronesia. They saw that calling their campus in Marshall Islands “College of Micronesia” was improper, so they decided to change the name to College of the Marshall Islands, though the school will continue to recognize its mission to serve the Micronesian region in the fields of nursing and allied health.

P20 DAR double hitter Backroad Charlie is still at it, coming up with something new just about every time you look at him. This time, it’s a new downtown location store, about six times the size of the little mom ’n pop sized one that he originally set up. Domnick had his troops move into the new location a day before Christmas. No fanfare, no big announcements. The store is stocked with all sorts of interesting things you don’t see anywhere else.

Journal 2/4/2000

P1 Big Man in big trouble Mr. Big, Mo Haeng Yong, the promoter of a $6 billion resort development for Mili and other atolls in the Marshall Islands, was arrested last week in Korea for allegedly cheating his followers out of tens of millions of dollars.

P3 Drug shortage causes crisis The Ministry of Health is in a “crisis situation,” said acting Health Minister Gerald Zackios. Majuro and Ebeye hospitals have run out of many essential medicines because the Health Fund, operated by Social Security, owes $700,000 to vendors who will not release medicines to RMI until they get paid. “Not so many people know the situation, but we are in a mess,” said Health Secretary Donald Capelle.

P10 Gibson’s National Spelling Bee First place winner Takaaki Ito from Assumption High School accepted a certificate and prizes from Patrick Chen of Bank of Marshall Islands; Second place winner Sharla deBrum from Assumption received her certificate and prize from Tony Philip, Air Marshall Islands; Third place winner Clena Alvarez from Seventh Day Adventist High School received a certificate and prize from Titus Langrine, Majuro Atoll Local Government.