More babies adopted out

Front pages 1987, 1999, and 2010.

Journal 2/6/1987

P1 Bikini return imminent?
The Bikinians take their case for a US-funded cleanup of their atoll the US Congress in the near future, and will present American lawmakers with a detailed plan for the first step in the cleanup. Holmes and Narver has prepared a design plan for the construction of a base camp on Eneu Island at Bikini which would pave the way for the final cleanup of the atoll and eventual resettlement of the Bikinians.

P10 Liaison officer takes Majuro post
The US Army has stationed its first liaison officer in Majuro. Major Michael Pettitt and his family arrived on island late last month, after a week of orientation at the Kwajalein missile range.

P10 DeRoburt back in the saddle
Nauru President Hammer DeRoburt is firmly back in the saddle as head of the phosphate-famous republic. Ousted briefly early last December, the sage DeRoburt regained first a shaky hold on the presidency that resulted in a veritable statement of opposing factions. He opted to call for new elections last week and came out with the stalemate handily swiped as not only a newly elected member sided with him, but also a couple of guys who were on the other side.

P18 Assumption High School
Second quarter honor roll, 12th grade: Randy Jack, Yumiko Yamaguchi, Junior deBrum, Daniel Andrew, Scott Davis, Louise Kiluwe, Robert Maddison, Gertrude Reiher, Jeanette Manalang.

Journal 2/5/1999

P1 Booming baby business
Overseas adoptions of Marshallese children continue to skyrocket. High Court records show that there was a more than 100 percent increase during 1998, as 143 were adopted in Majuro by American families. There were 63 adoptions the year before and just eight in 1996. Meanwhile, the Cabinet has ordered a thorough investigation of overseas adoptions. “Our concern is for the rights and welfare of the children being adopted,” said Foreign Secretary Marie Maddison.

P2 New airport branch for 1999
Bank of Marshall Islands has received government approval for establishing a branch at Majuro’s Amata Kabua International Airport. BOMI President Patrick Chen told the Journal that the bank would be moving quickly to build a facility at the airport.

P10 Laura lens “thinner” but recovering
The fresh water lens is deeper in some parts of Laura than it was in 1984, while in others recent tests show that it is shallower than it was 15 years ago, according to a US Geological Survey report. The study indicates that the lens recovered significantly since the end of the drought, growing from two-to-six feet between June and August last year.

Journal 2/5/2010

P4 Bartowe’s blockbuster
Yokwe Bartowe, the second locally produced film by Jack Niedenthal and Suzanne Chutaro, premiered to a full and appreciative house, and more than 600 residents paid to see the film over the weekend, according to K&K Theaters. The high weekend attendance indicates the buzz created by this new film about the Marshall Islands. A combination of themes —­­­ black magic, adolescent culture, alcohol and family problems, religion as salvation, and a supply of slapstick humor —­­­ floated through the difficult love story of the lead characters, Bartowe (played by Lyel Tarkwon) and Kaila (Martha Horiuchi). “(The film) depicts island life and the social issues people encounter,” said CMI Executive Vice Presi- dent Ellia Zebedy, who attended the premier. “Marshallese can relate to it, and for foreigners, it gives them an idea of the island life style and social issues.”


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