Multi-talented man from RMI

Journal 7/31/1981

P8 Dr John to open first private medical clinic What used to be a scene of flying rocks and flying cans in every which way as drunks and not-so drunks tried to emphasize their points to each other at what used to the “Rock-O-Town Bar” is not the spot where Dr. John Iaman is dedicating a clinic this week. It will be the first private, non-traditional medical office in the Marshalls. Iaman has been working at Majuro hospital since 1949. The clinic includes hotel rooms on the second floor.

P12 Kumtak to Chicago training Marshall Islands Chief of Police Robert Kumtak and Truk prosecutor Fujita Peter have been selected to attend training courses in Chicago August 10-14. Kumtak will attend the administration and management of small police departments course sponsored by the International Association of Chiefs of Police.

Journal 7/23/1993

P6 Majuro’s new Killer knocks ’em dead What’s the greatest thing to happen in the Marshalls in the past several months? If you’re stumped and hesitating over an answer, you might want to climb on board the assertion flying around radio professional Tom Kelly of the popular “Killer V” station who unabashedly admits that the station’s lively stereo broadcast is turning Majuro town topsy-turvy. And while the fact that the fast-mouthed dynamo of broadcast bombast has a substantial financial interest in the success of the assertion, there are quite a few people around town whom you’ll find nodding their heads affirmatively in pliant submission. After arriving with his wife Kathy, Tom, armed with extensive work experience in both radio and TV, was quick to see a golden opportunity in the fledgling V7SW operation started by Steve Whitehead last December.

P10 MALGov dedicates ball field in Laura A sunny afternoon welcomed the dedication of a new ballfield in Laura July 17. Rev. Conrad Anni said the invocation, after which Lomar Councilman Telbwij Toring spoke. Kaibuke Johnson, on behalf of Leroij Neiar Moses, also addressed the audience. Mayor Amatlain Kabua spoke, too, and took the first at bat during the dedication.

P15 World’s biggest supertankers fly RMI flags The first detailed study of “flag of convenience” registries says the Marshall Islands and Vanuatu have “triumphed” in the business of luring ships away from established registries. The Marshall Islands flag flies on 25 of the world’s biggest oil supertankers.

P17 Erikub investors losing interest American investors who planned a major resort development at Erikub Atoll are losing interest after being unable to negotiate a deal over the weekend with dissenting landowners.

P20 Kwaj’s billfish tournament is a record breaker The “Jilala II,” skippered by Senator Imata Kabua, was the grand prize winner of last month’s June Toelkes Second Annual Billfish Tournament in Kwajalein for hooking a record-breaking 520-pound marlin.

Journal 7/23/2004

P3 Did police distribute drugs? Ebeye national police may have been the source of cocaine for Ebeye island that has led to the prosecution of nine individuals. An estimated 30 two-pound bricks of cocaine washed up in Kwajalein — as has happened at other atolls in RMI since the mid-1990s — and were turned into the Ebeye national police. But only 25 were recovered this week by Majuro national police. Majuro police demanded that all confiscated drugs be handed over. Ebeye police then informed the Majuro police that the police station had been burglarized and some of the drugs stolen. Investigators estimated that about 10 pounds of cocaine was missing.

P24 Multi-talented Local wrestling star Waylon Muller is a man of many talents and last weekend in Guam he was chosen to referee the women’s gold medal basketball game between Guam and Palau?

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