MWSC’s rain dance works

Majuro Water and Sewer Company performed a “rain dance” Thursday that proved highly successful.

As water supplies have dwindled over the pasts six weeks, dropping from over 29 million gallons at the beginning of May to under 17 million gallons as of last week Thursday, MWSC announced Thursday it was further restricting city water hours. Instead of three days per week, water hours were changed to just Monday and Friday from 4:30-8:30pm.

By late afternoon following the announcement, the rain started…And continued to pour late into the night Thursday. On Friday, the Majuro Weather Service reported that two inches of rain fell last Thursday — compared to only slightly over one inch of rain for the first two weeks of June.

MWSC reported Friday the reservoir level bumped up from 16.8 million to 18.2 million gallons, with water still on the airport runway apron waiting to be pumped into the reservoir.

By Wednesday, the Weather Service reported 6.84 inches had fallen as it continued raining over the weekend, and the reservoir was up to 23.6 million gallons.

Read more about this in the June 23, 2017 edition of the Marshall Islands Journal.