Namdik residents economically active

Namdik’s coconut processing facility adds value to the copra produced by local residents by producing high-quality coconut oil that is sold to Tobolar Copra Processing Authority and elsewhere for a higher price. Photo: Kelly Lorennij.

Namdik Atoll has shipped over 100 bottles of virgin coconut oil for this year’s One Island One Product exhibit in Majuro during the Constitution Day festivities. However, the atoll is more than its products, as it has been known for its use of local canoe transport for copra gathering as well a coconut replanting.
Last year Namdik commenced a major outrigger canoe building project that brought together many ri jekjek, local canoe ‘cutters.’ Locals told the Journal that the late Senator Mattlan Zackhras, who was instrumental in leading the atoll towards it being awarded the United Nations Equator Prize, also sought the help of Waan Aelon in Majel. A walk along the lagoon side of Namdik, Namdik shows a canoe or three in front of every other residence.
On Marmar island, which is a short canoe ride away, copra gatherers load about four canoes several times a week with dried coconut meat from which oil can be extracted to produce value-added virgin coconut oil.
When Namdik, Namdik was replanted with coconuts from ocean to lagoon side several years back it provided good material for weaving and handicraft making.

Read more about this in the May 3, 2019 edition of the Marshall Islands Journal.