Nauru-RMI talk air deal

Minister in Assistance Bremity Lakjohn, right, and his wife Kenye Mike, were greeted by a Nauru official on arrival in Nauru last week. Photo: Chewy Lin.

The idea of Honolulu air service has been discussed within the Marshall Islands Cabinet-appointed Aviation Task Force, as well as with Nauru Airlines officials, for a number of years.

Minister for Nauru Air Corporation Asterio Appi and Minister in Assistance to the President of the Marshall Islands Bremity Lakjohn signed an air services memorandum of understanding last Thursday to formally start discussions on a Majuro-Honolulu destination.

“The MOU outlines the parameters of the expressed intention of both governments to agree that our teams with Nauru Air Corporation and Air Marshall Islands could sit down and explore possibilities of the intentions of the government of the Marshall Islands to fly from Majuro to Honolulu basically… there and beyond of course,” Minister Appi said.

“It’s going to benefit both (countries), especially RMI in getting people from A to B and we’re looking forward for the MOU and any other process after that to take place as soon as possible,” Minister Lakjohn said.

Lakjohn added: “We really need the service, the people need it and the friendship and relationship (between Nauru and RMI) needs to continue.”

Lakjohn visited Nauru last week.


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