New plans for council work

Minister of Culture and Internal Affairs Jemi Nashion and Secretary Wallace Peter address mayors at opening of forum. Photo: Hilary Hosia.

Minister of Culture and Internal Affairs Jemi Nashion is implementing a new accountability system to be used by local governments. A key feature of the new system requires collective decisions from all council members as opposed to previous practice where the mayor and clerk often make final decisions.

A forum with the mayors, which took place at the Marshall Islands Resort’s Melele Room March 6, was a first for its kind, according to MOCIA facilitators.
Following the one-day orientation, local governments will now consider all sitting members’ consent before passing bills, resolutions and budgets.

The forum also discussed possibility of holding audit reports in a two-year time frame and the work relationship between mayors and parliament members.
The new minister listed “capacity building” as a must in the agenda to maximize productivity.

RMI Mayors Lineup 2020-24
Island Mayor
Ailinglaplap Mayor Reming Ring
Ailuk Mayor Ankit Typhoon
Arno Mayor Bernard Chong Gum
Aur Mayor Clanson K. Peter
Ebon Mayor Marie Milne
Enewetak Mayor Jackson Ading
Jabat Mayor Heinkey Lomwe
Jaluit Mayor Alington Robert
KBE Mayor Anderson Jibas
Kwajalein Mayor Hirata Kabua
Lae Mayor Anderson Kattil
Lib Mayor Lee Bejang
Likiep Mayor Nicholas deBrum
Majuro Mayor Ladie N. Jack
Maloelap Mayor William Saito
Mejit Mayor Almo Momotaro
Mili Mayor Joel Jitiam
Namdrik Mayor Clarence Luther
Namu Mayor Junior M. Kabua
Rongelap Mayor James Matayoshi
Ujae Mayor Edison Batlok
Utrik Mayor Tobin Kaiko
Wotho Mayor Kudo Kabua
Wotje Mayor Joe Hanchor

Source: Local Government Affairs Division, Ministry of Culture and Internal Affairs.

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