Nitijela returns briefly

The Nitijela in session April 5, with Speaker Kenneth Kedi at the front supervising the reports and debates. Photo: Wilmer Joel.


Nitijela kicked off its Monday session with a wide range of reports from the President and Cabinet ministers. The members returned to session for one day after a several week break for public hearings and other activities.

Joining the Nitijela leaders were the officers and representatives of the Taxi Drivers Association who met outside the chamber with Nitijela Members to express concern about the need for ongoing Covid assistance.

President David Kabua opened the meeting by announcing to the nation that no cases of dengue fever have been found in the Marshall Islands for several weeks and he hopes that we keep it that way.

He also shared his remorse and condolences over the passing of Lerooj Margaret Labaun who died in Taiwan on March 27.

President Kabua then announced that the Marshall Islands will be joining a virtual Climate Summit alongside 40 countries that US President Joe Biden has called. The President said he had received a letter from President Biden inviting him to be at the summit. The RMI is the only Pacific nation invited to the summit.

Monday’s session ended up going well into the evening with a packed agenda. This is usually the case when Nitijela breaks for a few weeks. The first day back features extended remarks by Cabinet ministers and the usual laundry list of questions during the Q&A period. In addition, a number of bills and many resolution were introduced at Monday’s session.

Speaker Kenneth Kedi then recessed the body to await the “call of the Speaker.” In response to an inquiry from the Journal, the Speaker said it was likely that Nitijela would return to session Thursday April 15. That is anticipated to be the last day of the session before a break until August.


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