Nitijela works on ‘blacklist’

TW-pic-9-2Journal 9/2/1977

P1 From Yap with love The people of Yap District want the unity of Micronesia “at any cost,” Senator Jon Mangefel told the Senate August 26.

P5 Enewetak: Radioactive junk yard for next 25,000 years Military infighting over monitoring radioactive “hot” junk for the next 25,000 years has sent ripples through the Enewetak cleanup project, reports the Honolulu Star-Bulletin. A spokesman for the Army Corps of Engineers says the issue can be resolved at top levels in Washington before the clean up operation is scheduled to vein on the Marshall Islands atoll on November 15. The Defense Nuclear Agency directs the operation to remove radioactive debris from the atoll. Vice Admiral Robert Monroe, DNA director, refused to sign one of three permits required by the engineers. Monroe felt his responsibility ends with completing the disposal project, not by supplying Geiger counter checks at the capped junk pile for the next 25,000 years.

Journal 9/6/1991

P2 Seven with Marshalls’ passports denied US entry Seven individuals, who travelled to Hawaii this past week on Marshall Islands’ passports, were denied entrance into the United States, according to Don Radcliff, director of Immigration and Naturalization in Honolulu. Radcliff confirmed that all seven were recently naturalized citizens of the Marshalls. He said they did not qualify for entrance without a visa.

P10 Ninth anniversary Bank of Marshall Islands celebrated its ninth year of service in the Marshall Islands on August 30. The anniversary was marked at the bank and included Rev. Erakrik Samuel, Bank Manager Patrick Chen, RRE’s Ramsey Reimers and R&D Minister Brenson Wase.

P17 Golden Jubilee celebrated Earlier this summer, the Maryknoll Sisters Center at Ossining, New York was the site for the celebration of God’s fidelity to the 11 sister missioners who came to Maryknoll in 1941, three of whom worked in the Marshall Islands. The three who have served in the Marshall Islands are Sister Norbert McLaughlin, Claire Murphy and Marie Patrick Kehoe.

P22 Big fish Marshalls Billfish Club’s Kona team joined Miss Billfish at the Hawaii International Fishing Tournament with their 286 pound marlin caught by team captain Wally Milne. Other team members were Victor Milne, Bill “Boris” Graham, Anton deBrum, US Ambassador Bill Bodde and Ramsey Reimers.

Journal 9/8/2000

P3 Nitijela works on ‘blacklist’ Anti-money laundering legislation was introduced into Nitijela last week. Government officials hope this, coupled with other actions, will help get international banking and law enforcement agencies to remove the RMI from the current “blacklist” of countries suspected of illegal banking activities.

P4 First birthday John Takesue, director of Aloha Airlines Hawaii Sales, presented a plaque and model Boeing 737 to Acting President Wilfred Kendall Friday at the airport VIP Lounge. Attending the ceremony was Transportation Minister Brenson Wase and Aloha Manager John Hawley. The event marked the first anniversary of the start-up of Aloha’s weekly jet service to Majuro and Kwajalein.