No control of passports

Front pages from 1986, 1998, and 2009.

Journal 8/22/1986

P1 Chief Moisa a fugitive? As news an impending long-term contact renewal for Police Chief Jose Moisa circulated in the capital this week, the Journal has learned from high-level police sources in Mexico that Moisa is wanted in connection with the shooting of two police officers. RepMar Ministry of Justice officials, who are considering hiring the aggressive police chief for an additional two years when his 90-day contact expires at the end of this month, were not aware of the information. Moisa confirmed that he was involved in a shooting incident in 1983 in Baja, Mexico, which resulted in the death of a police sergeant and a patrolman. He said, however, that he was not responsible for the two deaths. “I was asleep in the back of the vehicle when the shooting started,” he said.

P14 Boat builders get Kiribati, Tuvalu business A boat building capital for the central Pacific here in Majuro? That may be going a little far at this stage. But board builder and designer Tim Mann has, in just six months of operations, gotten enough contracts to keep him and his four employees working full-time for the next year on new boats for Marshallese and people in Kiribati and Tuvalu. Mann recently completed work on two new double hulled outrigger canoes for the Kili/Bikini Council and Francis Reimers.

Journal 8/21/1998

P1 Imata to Cabinet: You have 48 hours Saying that the Marshall Islands government “needs new direction,” President Imata Kabua on Tuesday gave all Cabinet ministers two ays to turn in their resignations so he can reorganize his Cabinet. A Cabinet shuffle — the first since Kabua won the presidency in January 1997 — will how happen after many months of speculation and rumor that one was about to take place.

P2 Marshall Islands athletes recognized by Micro Games WrestlerWaylon Muller was recognized in Palau at the Breakfast of Champions for his contribution to sports development in the RMI, wrestling in particular. While in Palau for the Micro Games,Waylon won two gold medals to lead the RMI wrestling team. RMI table tennis player Fountain Inok, from Ebeye, received a certificate at the Breakfast of Champions. In Palau, he and Richard Dribo soon a bronze medal for team play in table tennis. Andrea Lindborg was recognized for her tremendous performance in the 1994 Micro Games in Guam for winning eight medals in swimming. She won two gold medals in Palau.

P3 Imata proposes Nitijela cuts Delivering on his promise to introduce a bill to cut the salaries of Nitijela members, President Imata Kabua on Tuesday introduced an amendment to the Nitijela Members Compensation Act. It chops the President’s salary by 15 percent and Cabinet ministers and the Speaker’s salaries by 10 percent.

P5 Audit shows inadequate control of passport sales The government did not have adequate control over the sale of passports during fiscal year 1997, with the result being that funds could possibly have been stolen, reported an audit by Deloitte. The audit shows that $4,420,000 was received by the government for the sale of passports between November 20,1996 andApril 22, 1997  for passports issued between January 10 and August 30, 1996. “No explanation was made available as to the delay in remittance and receipt of funds by RepMar from the (passport selling) agents,” the audit reported. In addition, the passports “did not appear to have been issued in sequential order.” For FY1996, the government received $5,117,065 from passport sales.

Journal 8/21/2009

P4 Champion weaver to star in MIR show Patsy Hermon is famous for her talents of wearing traditional mats that she taught to herself. It all started when Hermon was a 14-year-old on Namdrik Atoll and she had a number of mats passed on by her grandmothers. Hermon studied these originals and replicated them over and over, building a skill she is now living off. “Weaving mats is important because it generates income and it’s part of our culture,” she said. At the 2008 Jaki-ed Exhibit and Auction, Hermon won the first place prize of $1,000 and auctioned her mat for $400. This year, Hermon has three mats already made for the September event at the Marshall Islands Resort.

P31 MEC wraps up Ebon solar job MEC solar unit technicians have been working at Ebon, where they put solar power systems on both of the atoll’s schools. Elementary schools in Ine, Arno, and Ebon and Take islands in Ebon how have solar power for the first time. 


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