Nuclear archive in progress

The team that met recently at the College of the Marshall Islands to further plans for creating a Marshall Islands Digital Archive. Photo: Eve Burns

A group of local NGOs and interested individuals is working on preparing a Marshall Islands Digital Archive focused on the effects of nuclear weapons testing.

College of the Marshall Islands Nuclear Club, Jo-Jikum, REACH-MI, Alele Museum and photographer Chewy Lin were all present last month for a nuclear legacy digital archive workshop at CMI’s old library. This is a project by Satoe Nakahara and professor Hidenori Watanabe of the University of Tokyo.

The information collected by people of the Marshall Islands and by researchers will be posted online to provide resource material to anyone interested in learning about the issue.

This is a great tool for Marshallese of all ages to be able to use anywhere in the world, whether it be in a classroom, workplace or home to share nuclear stories with families and friends.

The digital archive is scheduled to be completed in 2023, and will eventually be available in Marshallese, English, and Japanese.


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