Nuclear suit vetoed in US

Front pages from 1987, 1999, and 2010.

Journal 6/26/1987

P1 N-suit vetoed
Marshallese nuclear claimants were handed a stunning setback when a US judge dismissed the billion dollar lawsuits last week Tuesday. US District Court Judge Thomas Hogan ruled that his court had no jurisdiction to hear the claims filed by the Marshall Islands Atomic Testing Litigation Project, which represents several thousand Marshallese.

P13 Largest youth rally
The largest-ever United Church of Christ Protestant youth rally in Majuro finished last week. The theme of this year’s convention, the eighth annual, was “youth role within church and society,” said Uliga Protestant Church pastor, Rev. Jude Samson.

P14 Mejit Gardening Club
There is a lot of farming activity on Mejit Island these days. Benny Gideon is the secretary/treasurer of the club and was busying digging out a garden area. Stephen Lepton, Social Services Family Food Production chief, spent several weeks on the island earlier in the year teaching a variety of gardening techniques — the activity is paying off with more than 30 households now gardening.

Journal 6/25/1999

P2 N-victims getting US help
A team of American doctors, working with the Marshall Islands Radiation Victims Association, is seeking funding from a US-based agency to survey Marshall Islanders who worked the Bikini and Enewetak nuclear test sites. The proposed study aims to define health problems experienced by Marshallese who worked at the former test sites, according to information provided by MIRVA President John M. Milne.

P5 Hero’s welcome
RMI wrestler Freddy Chong Gum was among a team that was warmly greeted on return from competing in the South Pacific Games in Guam. He won two bronze medals.

P9 New world record
Ronnie Reimers, an award-winning local angler, added another feather to his cap over the weekend by bagging the largest blue marlin ever caught and officially weighed using a “Nuclear Warhead” trolling lure. The mammoth fish tipped the scales at 500 pounds. The previous record-holder for the locally-made lures was Captain Tom Siebler of Kona, Hawaii, who hauled in a 487 pound marlin on a Nuclear Warhead lure last September. The Warhead brand is made here in Majuro by resident angler Gerry Smith.

P9 Fundraising experts
The daily bar-b-que fundraiser in front of the Catholic Church is one of the more popular spots for people to pick up a tasty takeout lunch. And the price is right. Handling the assembly line operation earlier in the week were Jadre Amram, Josephine Samuel, Neina Kejjo and Miula Latak.

P21 Waylon’s wailing
Local wrestling star Waylon Muller isn’t used to coming back empty handed from an international competition. He sustained a serious neck injury during an early match at the South Pacific Games on Guam last month and couldn’t continue. The lack of any medals has got Waylon charged up and, just weeks after the SPG, he’s already working out for the next international competition. Says Waylon: “I’m going back to SPG to get gold.”

Journal 6/25/2010

P3 Alvin pushes change
Speaker Alvin Jacklick says Nitijela members should focus on the the problems of the nation, not their personal interests. He made the comments in an interview with the Journal Monday and said he is aware of a possible introduction of another motion of no confidence in the upcoming August session. “I hope members of the Nitijela will look at problems of the Marshall Islands as a whole, and not just their own interests,” Jacklick said.


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