Ombudsman, dump, sports: Action needed

Journal 11/21/1975

P7 A hitch

Recent damage to Majuro’s dock, apparently caused by the docking of a ship, will have to be repaired before a newly announced shipping service can begin. Matson Navigation Company has stated its towed ship operation will not be able to dock at Majro unless the dock is repaired. Matson has indicated service could begin in December.

Journal 11/20/1992

P18 Islanders sailed with a purpose

Faster than a speeding bullet and as graceful as a flying fish, the Marshalls’ “walap” (voyaging canoe) sailed into the hearts of those participating in the Festival of Pacific Arts in Rarotonga last month. The canoe, built by Enewetak islanders, caused a sensation among the dozens of foreign media representatives and was in great demand by people who wanted to sail on it, said Dennis Alessio, who directs the Waan Aelon Kein Project for Alele Museum.

P21 Upward Bound gets going

The new Upward Bound program welcomed its first group of 60 students at a special gathering on Saturday in Majuro. Director Rita Escher told the group that Upward Bound will be providing students with individualized courses and counseling so that they can not only get into college, but can stay and complete their courses.

P23 Jaluit High School Senior Honor Roll

Agnes Smith, Mojilong Abon, Dick Komen, Florinda Paul, Marton Baso, Lisa Enne, Janet Nemra.

Journal 11/14/2003

P3 Votes pouring in from our stateside cousins

Heavy voter turnout by off island Marshall Islanders is being reported by the Chief Electoral Officer. Voting by off-island Marshallese has been ongoing for the past two and a half weeks and ballots have already started arriving by mail. Last Friday, 199 ballots arrived and by Wednesday this week, the number of ballots increased arriving increased to 588, for a total of 787 postal votes received.

P7 Unanimous approval for Compact in US Senate

Thursday night at 10pm Washington time the US Senate unanimously approved the Compact of Free Association as amended between the Marshall Islands and the United States.

P10 Kiribati switches to ROC

Kiribati has become the fifth island group in the region to establish diplomatic ties with Taiwan. The switch to the Republic of China/Taiwan is the first major foreign policy move of new President Anote Tong, who has been in office less than six months. Majuro ROC Embassy’s Randy Wang has been named the charge d/‘affaires at the new ROC Embassy in Tarawa.

P14 Post-election action

Whoever wins next week’s election, we hope those who are elected will include the following on their checklist of actions needed: Fix Majuro’s unresolved dump/landfill and rubbish collection problems; establish more sports facilities; don’t raise taxes; and establish an ombudsman.

P17 5,000 pearls to be auctioned

Pearl enthusiasts and jewelers from around the Pacific will converge on Majuro between November 18-21 to bid on more than 5,000 black pearls harvested from RRE’s Jaluit and Arno pearl farms. It is the fourth Arno harvest and first from RRE’s Jaluit pearl farm.

P18 Educational bus stops

An Uliga Elementary School teacher creatively avoided the heat in her classroom by teaching her students in a nearby bus stop.