Only 50,865 in Marshalls

TW-12-18Journal 12/23/1977

P10 Ponape pepper project dropped The president of Speciality Brands Incorporated, a San Francisco based company, announced recently his company is dropping plans to boost cultivation of the Ponape pepper project citing lack of necessary labor to man the size of project contemplated. In a November 28 letter to High Commissioner Adrian Winkel, Specialty Brands Inc. President Toby Schreiber said: “We have concluded that it is extremely unlikely that there exists on Ponape a sufficient pool of motivated, work-oriented citizens to man a project of the size we have contemplated.”

Journal 12/21/1990

P1 Major Con-Con amendment defeat Unofficial results of the December 11 vote on constitutional amendments to the Constitution of the Marshall islands appear to reject a majority of the proposed changes. Of 14 questions which appeared on the ballot, only two received the necessary two-thirds approval required to make the changes effective. Approval of question #1 changes the words “Marshall Islands” to “Republic of the Marshall Islands,” and approval of question #2 changes the phrase “our rightly home on these islands” to “our rightful home on the islands within the boundaries of this archipelago.”

P4 What’s the score? Boy it sure has been hard getting final tallies on the local basketball scene. First game of the finals, Brand X won against the Jets. Then, when both teams showed up for the second game, the Jets refused to play because they didn’t like one of the referees. Obviously, this was a situation that called for a forfeit, but the officials did nothing about it. Since then, absolutely zilch has happened. Since when does the tail wag the dog? The public is interested and want to see the conclusion of the series. Get the games played, call a cancellation, dance, anything…but do something!

P28 Maryknoll Sisters return to Likiep Sisters Camilla, Emily and Rose Patrick were the first to go to Likiep in 1950 returned to Likiep and a party was held in their honor. They came to attend the reunion of Maryknoll Sisters

P32 Number one in California The result of the Jake Jobol Eo Club sponsored basketball league: Wild Things came out on top above the other two best teams in the league. It’s a fact that this team is good, and the best in Southern California.

Journal 12/17/1999

P3 Census shocker: Only 50,865 in RMI The 1999 census conducted in the Marshall Islands shows a “remarkable decline in the national growth rate” which is attributed largely to out-migration of Marshallese since the Compact began in 1986.

P7 Senator Elect Abacca Anjain Maddison was recognized as the Nitijela’s only woman Senator at the recent Chamber of Commerce meeting.

P8 What’s the message? We hear people wondering, will the United Democratic Party stay united, or are the Senators going to jump to the President’s party so that Imata Kabua can return as head of state for another four years. Our question to all of our elected leaders is, what exactly was the message of the voters on November 15? The answer, we believe, is obvious from the fact that the former government party is now in the minority. People voted for change because they are tired of seeing government officials taking advantage of their positions to enrich themselves; because they would like to see a lot more accountability in government operations; because they want the hospital and Social Security, to name just two, to function properly. Will the people get the result they voted for? That depends on the vigilance of the public in continuing to demand results from the Senators that they have elected to represent them.

P12 Winning combination First place in the recent NTA bowling tournament went to The Starters: Lesley Tally, Esther Milne, Joram Henry and Richard Hickson.