‘Original three’ graduate at Assumption

The “original three” Barton Jakki Kaios, Niro Joji Tareo and Cyrus Curtis Graham are at the back, middle, of this photo surrounded by the 11 other seniors who graduated from Assumption High School June 2. Photo: Hilary Hosia.


Of the 14 graduates from Assumption High School last Sunday, three stood out for the fact that they’ve been classmates since their very first day in kindergarten 13 years ago.Meet the “original three” from Assumption: Barton Jakki Kaios, Niro Joji Tareo and Cyrus Curtis Graham.

Approximately $52,200 has been injected into the school by the three in tuition and registration money alone in the course of 13 years.
It is important to note that Assumption takes pride in investing in student tuitions through internal scholarships.

Barton, Niro and Cyrus’s shared passion for basketball made their bond even stronger as the three have been key players for the school varsity team, the Saints.

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