Outrigger to come to RMI

Journal 2/3/1984

P7 Marshalls Christian High School Honor Roll 12th: Helmitha Zapty, Kotab Atnej, Kobo Manase, Hiram Glanry, Marylu Rilometo, Ishmael Thomas; 11th: Kasko Henry, Wildon Mea, Nira Matthew; 10th: Sylvia Boaz, Josana Samuel, Biti Kiotak, Ready Lalimo, Kiojur Kalles; 9th: Matan Kinore, Asen Anjerok, Joe Kemem, Albious Latdrik, Timothy Latdrik, Jack Amram.

Journal 2/9/1996
P1 Outrigger’s a go! Hawaii’s largest hotel chain has accelerated its expansion into the Pacific, signing an agreement with the Marshall Islands to manage a 150-room hotel under construction on Majuro. The hotel is scheduled for completion in June, with a soft opening in July.

P3 Housing for 100,000 clams The new clam facility situated at the Robert Reimers Long Island site has been completed and is now ready for housing up to 100,000 clams a year.

P9 Jeramman Four Marshallese received bachelor of arts degree from Brigham Young University in Hawaii recently. They are Alee Term, Enion Kalles, Frank Horiuchi and Jackeo Relang.

P13 Persona non grata The Marshall Islands Nitijela Friday passed a resolution declaring former US Ambassador to the RMI William Bodde persona non grata in the Republic for statements he made recently before a House committee on Asia and the Pacific.

P15 Bumper year for copra Tobolar Copra Processing Authority released figures for the year ending December 1995, which show 1995 was a bumper year for copra with total tonnage of 7,452.

P18 Marshall Islands High School Honor Roll 12th: Leo Ishoda, McFarland Aikne, Lina Samuel, Bella Lomae, Rosey Kelen, Meria Lautej, Jibon Compass, Benty Elanzo, Lino Tawoj, Jekta Gideon, Jackson Kiahd, Calley Henry and Carry Zackious.

Journal 2/9/2006
P2 Students’ talk show premiere The first TV talk show for youth in the Marshall Islands makes its premiere on MBC TV’s channel 29 next Wednesday. “The Soap Box,” the brainchild of Assumption High School teachers and students but also involving other schools and young people, aims to be on air each Wednesday giving voice to young people on current events. “The show is mainly targeted to youth and will be in Marshallese language,” said Aaron Condon, a volunteer teacher at Assumption from the Lay Mission Helpers in Los Angeles, who is the producer and editor of the show.

P6 Largest tour group ever arrives Sunday Japan Airlines first charter flight to the Marshall Islands will arrive in Majuro this Sunday. It will be on of the largest-ever tourist groups to arrive at one time. Local hotel, dive shop and other visitor industry officials were gearing for the arrival of about 190 tourists on this flight.

P6 Canoes due next week The Hawaii sailing canoes Maisu and Hokule’a sailed by Johnston Atoll earlier this week and are expected to reach the halfway point in their historic voyage to Majuro next week. The canoes will spend several days in Majuro as their first stop on their way to Satawal Island in Yap, where the Maisu will be delivered as a gift to master navigator Mau Piailug.

P12 Liquid gold Arriving just in time for the Super Bowl XLI was a container full of fresh XXXX barr. This make the Bokanake venue a successful scene not just for football fans but for local XXXX drinkers as Ramsey Reimers deduced to sell the popolar brew for just 50 cents a can.