PCV loses finger tip to shark

TW-pic-4-28Journal 4/25/1975

P5 Practical rambling Question: We would like your advice on what to give a young man who is about to enter the Peace Corps and go to the Marshall Islands. We are to attend an open house given by his parents. Since we are not old friends, we don’t feel it would be appropriate to give him something expensive, but on the other hand how nice to have something to give him that he couldn’t buy after he’s there. We understand he will be living rather primitively. We know nothing about the Marshall Islands and can’t imagine how primitive it is. Answer: Yes, the Marshall Islands are primitive and hot. I asked a friend who has been there what to give someone about to live in the Marshalls and the answer was “a beer can opener.” Of course that shoulds funny but, in fact, you might consider something like one of those Swiss army knives that has all kinds of gadgets. Other thoughts might be a small medical kit with such essentials as Band Aids and aspirin, or a toilet kit or (yes, even for a young man) a little sewing kit with a few extra buttons, etc., all things that would be useful in a primitive place. —San Francisco Sunday Examiner & Chronicle.

P9 Finger cut A Peace Corps Volunteer from Mili Atoll lost the tip of his right index finger to a shark last week. Karl Johnson, a math-science teacher, apparently wanted to photograph the mouth of a shark that had been taken in Mili. During an attempt to open the mouth of the fish his finger jammed in the mouth and he jerked it free to remove it from danger. It is suspected that a nervous reflex action on the part of the shark contributed to the accident.

P11 Off to Washington Four Enewetak people — John Abraham, Iroij Johannes Peter, Ismael John and Binton Abraham — are now in the US to talk with authorities concerning funding for the rehabilitation of the  bomb-torn islands. They are being represented by Micronesian Legal Services Corporation.

Journal 5/1/1992

P3 Major airport expansion still planned The government wants to expand its international airport to handle the largest jets in the air, but the hefty price tag has kept the project in the planning stages. Costs for runway expansion and new terminal development are estimated from $75 million to $130 million, Transportation and Communications Minister Kunio Lemari said.

Journal 4/25/2003

P3 Tragic accident steals favorite friend of the Marshalls Noel Bigler died early Wednesday morning in Majuro, barely 12 hours after he was hit head-on by a car while riding his Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Bigler left his mark through many construction projects around the Marshall Islands. “Noel was a true craftsman and a perfectionist in any work he did or supervised,” said PII’s Jerry Kramer. Most recently, Bigler ran construction work at Rongelap for the past four years. “Noel was the project manager, policeman, the judge, the doctor, and the father and mother to all of our employees at Rongelap,” said Kramer.

P7 RRE gives up Long haul Nearly 10 years after it opened, RRE’s Long Island Grocery has closed Monday this week, confirming the decline in retail operations of Majuro’s once dominant retail firm. “RRE’s not dying,” CEO Ramsey Reimers told the Journal this week. “It’s just retail that’s down. RRE’s strong on the other side (hotel, Pacific Pure Water and other operations).”