Peace Park dedicated

Journal 3/23/1984

P1 Peace Park dedicated A ceremony for the completion of the Peace Park Monument as well as memorial services for the dead were held March 16 at the site in Ajeltake. Vice Minister of Health Hiroshi Yukawa stressed the significance of the war dead. He said Japan had long wanted to erect a monument with the awareness for the importance of peace realized at the cost of invaluable lives lost during the war. His wish has now been realized and he is convinced that the monument and Peace Park will be testimony that will convey the importance of peace and the unshakable friendship of our two nations. During the ceremony, floral wreaths were placed by President Amata Kabua and Yukawa.

P1 St Patrick’s Day fun run results Joe Lehman’s strategy is to get in front right away and stay there. That’s exactly what he did to win the second annual St. Patrick’s Day 3.2 mile fun run.

Journal 3/29/1996

P8 Jet kain melele By Yeller Bnzmn We, the Marshallese women, usually think that women don’t do what man do. This is not quite true because in today’s generation, almost everything that a man does, women do, too. For example, boys play baseball and girls do too. Boys attend woodwork class and so do girls. Men fish and so do women, and like I said, whatever a man is doing in today’s generation, women are also doing which is good because people are learning from each others interests, both men and women. The problem is we don’t just learn to do the good things because bad things happen every now and then. A boy sees a woman wearing a pair of earrings and he goes and pierces his ears so he can wear earrings too. A girl sees a group of boys heading to the bar, she goes to look for her girlfriends and gather them together, they go to the bars and back home drunk. Yes it’s true that there are good and bad things that both men and women, boys and girls learn from each other and the question is, why can’t just the good things be learnt?

P9 Windsurfer wants revenge I represent OMW (Oppressed Majuro Windsurfers). It is capitalist pig dog publications such as your own that promote surfing while ignoring the plight of the discriminated upon windsurfer. The last two recent issues of your so-called “Journal” (hah, Journal of windsurfing oppression!) have many pictures of surfers and yet never in many years has a windsurfer been mentioned or seen in your filthy publication. Rumor has it that you, Mr. Johnson, live next door to a windsurfer and yet refuse to publish even a picture of one despite your hollow promises of compensation. If windsurfers are not recognized soon, the winds will be gone and you must live with your shame and disgrace in the windsurfing community for an entire calm season. We give you six days to meet our demands or else you’ll be sorry, that’s what. Windsurfers rule! — A nonomous windsurfer

Journal 3/30/2007

P1 Who’s to blame for Jobake sinking? The government’s Jobake fuel vessel sank on Monday morning, spewing fuel, refrigerators and other junk into Majuro’s lagoon. In the wake of the Jobake’s sudden dive into 170 feet of water, the question of who owns the vessel surfaced, with no claimants clamoring for recognition.

P5 DeBrum talks on Ebeye crisis Before a packed gallery at the Nitijela Monday morning, new Enewetak Senator Jack Ading and Kwajalein Senator Tony deBrum were sworn in by Nitijela Clerk Joe Riklon. DeBrum, in his much anticipated return to Nitijela after a more than seven-year absence, delivered a brief but pointed challenge to the govnerment and Nitijela to deal effectively with the multitude of problems affecting the country’s second most populated atoll. “Over a year ago Kwajalein leadership asked the national government to declare a state of emergency for Ebeye” because the island had been months with no power, no water and no sewage services. But no declaration had been forthcoming. 


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