Pizza back at yacht club

TW-pic-5-13Journal 5/13/1974

P13 Hastily decided A hastily decided trip on May 10 saw the departure of five members of the Marshall Islands Nitijela and Marshall Islands Development Authority chairman Charles Domnick for the Republic of Nauru to testify before the Nauru Lcal Council on the application of a $600,000 loan. The loan, which will be guaranteed by the local legislature, is to be used for the development of a new port facility in Majuro. Representing the Nitijela are Speaker Atlan Anien, and members Alee Alik, Zebedy Tarkwon, Toke Sawej, Jina Lavin, and Ajidrik Bien.

P15 Open heart surgery on Moen A successful open heart operation was performed last month in Truk on a young man who was stabbed in the heart. Dr. Charles Jones with the help of Kalisto Thomas and several other hospital personnel operated on the heart of 26-year-old Misael Martin, which had been stabbed in a fight on April 19. “Doctors in the United States wouldn’t believe this,” exclaimed Dr. Jones, noting that not one of the assistants has any degree. But the operation went well.

Journal 5/17/1991

P2 Co-Op accreditation gets nod The Accrediting Commission for Schools in California met early this month on applications for candidacy. Majuro Co-Op School was approved as a candidate for accreditation for a three-year period to June 30, 1994.

P17 Pizza featured as Yacht Club reopens by Gerald Knight Maybe it’s the generous topping of stardust or maybe the pleasant sound of coconut leaves rustling in the breeze, but whatever the reasons, there’s no doubt in this reporter’s mind that the Yacht Club still has the best pizza in town. The Yacht Club? Yes, I know you thought it was closed down. The new entrepreneurs are Harry and Bill Willard. They’ve hired Juliet Jerilong to make the pizza.

P23 WSZO long wire antenna strung up Radio Marshall Islands may be on the air faster than earlier reported. A long wire has been strung from Matt Holly’s LCU located at Pier 7 to a telephone pole at the site of the radio station’s previous antenna. The 200-foot line stretches over water and Carmen Bigler, Secretary of Internal Affairs, asked that parents warn their children not to climb the pole or LCU. If the antenna checks out, the station will be back on the air inside of two weeks.

Journal 5/19/2000

P18 Law of the Land by Francis X. Hezel, SJ “In today’s modern Micronesia, land rights are a critical issue, something that can ignite a quarrel faster than anything else.”

P20 Al: Key is not how much, but how spent The key issue is not how much money the US provides in the next Compact but how it gets spent, US Compact negotiator Al Stayman said in an interview Friday. Stayman said he and FSM negotiators expect to sign an “interim framework agreement” by the end of this year so that an agreement in principle is in place prior to the arrival of a new administration in the US capital. Negotiations with the Marshall Islands, however, are not as far along. At talks in san Francisco recently, FSM negotiators asked for $84 million a year, plus funding for a national trust fund. Stayman said the US won’t respond immediately because it wants to get agreement on the overall package before specific numbers are negotiated. “I don’t want to divert from the main issue,” he said. “It’s not how much money the US provides but how it gets spent.”