Plastic forks, spoons and straws

The Clean Campaign team is promoting a ban on single-use plastics for the Marshall Islands.

“As Miss Marshall Islands I hope to accomplish making this movement a law by banning all single-use plastics and eliminating the amount of waste that comes back into our shores,” said Billma Peter, the RMI’s first ever Miss Marshall Islands.

She told the Journal that this coalition is compromised of a group of youth with volunteers from different departments in the government. “We contribute our personal time and hope to enact this movement into law and encourage the rest of the world to follow in our footsteps,” she added.

Jeirok Councilman Jina David and Jo Jikum project manager is also involved in promoting reusable shopping bags and cleaning campaigns. “Ka dik lok kopej im ka lap lok Iokwe (decrease the trash and increase the love),” said David. David also told the Journal that, as councilman, he really likes working on projects like these because “it deals with waste today, and it will help our country and our younger generation tomorrow.”

Jo Jikum, MICS and the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) met with Mayor Ladie Jack last month and Mayor Jack gave his full support to the campaign along with former Jaluit Member of Nitijela Daisy Momotaro and Minister in Assistance to the President Irooj Christopher Loeak. 

“We also hope to strengthen current policies that seek to reduce plastic waste in our environment such as the 2016 Styrofoam and Plastic Ban Act spearheaded by the EPA,” said MICS Director Madeline Cochran.

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