Police destroy marijuana

Journal 9/19/1975

P1 Copra prices drop The Copra Stabilization Board voted to reduce the price of copra for the fourth time this year to maintain the required minimum balance of the copra stabilization fund. The fund suffered a heavy loss when the sales price of copra continued to decline on the world market. The new price will be $90 per ton, or 4.5 cents per pound.

P2 Rough estimate It has been estimated that the average Micronesian living outside the district center consumes 2.15 coconuts per day in addition to eating fish, taro, etc. This amounts to 6,750 tons of coconut consumed for food in Micronesia each year.

Journal 9/18/1992

P1 Couch potatoes are ‘Victor’ious Great news for the Majuro brand of couch potato — MBC is on the air! According to Victor Milne, president of the local operation, the television station is now providing a limited service to subscribers in Rita, and also as far away as the bridge over small boat pass.

P1 Nuclear spinoff? (caption on photo) Benefits of a post-nuclear society: This two-headed baby turtle from Erikub is a shining example of benefits of living in the nuclear age. The oft-quoted phrase, “two heads are better than one,” comes immediately to mind.

P3 President Kabua stresses support for Head Start Opening ceremonies for the first Head Start Conference on Quality, Caring and Sharing at the Mormon Church were held this week. President Amata Kabua expressed the RMI’s full support for Head Start. “I want to emphasize the fact that the government spends about $50 a year for every Head Start student while our high school students get $19 a year.”

P10 Police destroy marijuana in Majuro Police and Customs officials in Majuro destroyed more than nine pounds of marijuana that had been confiscated in recent months. Customs representative Mies Peter and detective Lucky Caios got the illegal substance ready for burning.

Journal 9/12/2003

P4 Nitijela holds long debate on hot issues The first full-fledged debate on the Compact of Free Association developed through a Nitijela Committee of the Whole meeting on the first day Nitijela returned to session from its break last month. A panel of Compact Negotiation Office officials, headed by Foreign Minister Gerald Zackios, Bobby Muller and legal advisor Greg Danz, briefed Nitijela members and fielded questions. Compact opponents, led by Senators Chris Loeak, Justin deBrum and Jiba Kabua, fired numerous questions and comments critical of the recently negotiated Compact.

P13 A pair of golden oldies You might call the duo of Charles Domnick and Ataji Balos — who were seen together at the recent opening of Nitijela — “old originals.” That’s because they were both in the first Marshall Islands delegation to the Congress of Micronesia back in the late 1960s, along with luminaries such as Amata Kabua, Ekpap Silk and Carmen Bigler. Domnick continued in politics into the mid-1980s, then moved to being a full-time businessman and part-time honorary consul for Israel, while Balos remained in the Congress until the first Nitijela election in 1979, when he won election and has remained a Kwajalein senator since.

P23 UES poster child flies to Washington Uliga Elementary School’s winning artist Junior Principio will have this moment of glory at the International Child Arts Festival in Washington, DC this week. He won the Majuro schools art competition and will have his four-panel poster depicting Marshallese canoe construction showcased along with art by students from 80 other countries.