Portable Solar Oven

TW-pic-3-31Journal 5/02/1975

P7 Marshalls’ Legislature Finishes a Nice Session

The Marshall Islands’ Nitijela, characterized in its 1974 regular session as a separatist legislature fraught with tension and momentous statements has completed its recent 1975 session in a much more temperate fashion, a fashion possibly suited to the rather hectic pace of change occurring generally throughout the TT.

In short, it appears to have been a legislature that decided to sit back with a wait and see what happens attitude — and not a bad choice when you take into consideration all the things planned for this coming summer.

Journal 4/03/1992

P4 The real thing

No sooner than the American group announced that, at last, they had really found Amelia Earhart’s plane, someone surfaced saying he could prove conclusively that it was not her plane. Anyone familiar with the 55-year-old search knows that it is the nearest thing to a search for the Holy Grail. Anyway, Richard Gillespie announced two weeks ago (and we reported) that they had solved the mystery of Earhart’s last flight by finding a shoe that belonged to her, and a piece of the plane.

The words were barely out of his mouth before up popped retired Lockheed Aircraft assistant foreman Edward Werner, saying that he helped to build Earhart’s Lockheed 10-E and that the piece Gillespie found could not have come from Earhart’s plane.

Werner said he compared the dimensions and shape of the piece of aluminum with a duplicate of Earhart’s plane at the Western Aerospace Museum in Oakland. He said it didn’t fit anywhere on the plane.

So much for that theory.

P12 Food is good; price is right

How about spending no time watching pots boil and no money for electricity, and still having your lunch ready when you come home at 12 noon? Sound too good to be true? Don’t believe it.

Chief Secretary Oscar deBrum showed off a solar oven outside his office last week that cooked a pot of rice and two large pieces of fish with the heat of the sun while deBrum was, as usual, office-bound with on meeting after another. The solar ovens are a project of the government’s alternative energy program run by Marty Jekkein, and deBrum showed the practical application of this inexpensive oven that is easily portable.

It is simply constructed of plywood, plexiglass and tinfoil to magnify the rays of the sun. DeBrum said it cost less than $50 to make.

Journal 3/31/2000


P6 Foot loose

And in related news, you know how you can tell that the tobacco litigation is serious business?

Court house officials made note of the fact that during a recent visit by a battalion of tobacco company legal guns, one of their local attorneys, Dave Strauss, was seen to have shoes on his feet (as opposed to the more civilized custom of wearing zorries) at the court house for a whole week. Imagine that.

P22A Pink slips for 66

About 66 government workers are expected to receive their termination notices shortly, concluding a more than five year process of a public sector reduction in force program.

Last Thursday’s Cabinet meeting approved the recommendations about further reductions in force (RIF) that came from individual ministries and the government’s rationalization committee.

The Ministries of Health, and Education, and Public Safety make up the bulk of this final round of the RIF program.