Power ration hurts Jaluit

1985, 1997 and 2008 Marshall Islands Journal front pages.

Journal 10/11/1985

P3 Tony tabbed to run Pacific unit New Zealander Tony Johns has recently been selected director of the New Zealand government’s Pacific Island Affairs Unit in Wellington. The office was created to work with the minister of Pacific Island Affairs. Johns was a well known figure in the Marshall Islands as the Secretary to Cabinet from 1979 to 1981. He was instrumental in adapting the government in its early stages to the new parliamentary system governing the islands.

P6 Up, up and…? Nauru’s Eastern Gateway Hotel, possibly Majuro’s longest running construction project, is showing definite signs of becoming a hotel in the near future. The three-story structure in Delap will feature, among other things, Majuro’s first elevator.

P7 Marshalls salutes Taiwan on 74th Majuro residents may have noticed a new flag flying alongside the Marshallese and American flags outside the Nitijela this week. Foreign Affairs Secretary Steve Muller reports that October 10 is Republic of China/Taiwan day and the Marshall Islands is flying the flag in honor of their national day. The Marshall Islands has a number of trade ties with the ROC, including the demonstration agriculture stations at Laura and Wotje, which are growing a wide range of local and imported fruits and vegetables for local consumption.

P13 Kabua to meet Bush in Saipan US Vice President George Bush will be the highest level American official to have ever set foot in Micronesia when he steps off a plane in Saipan this weekend. Bush is enroute to the People’s Republic of China and will be briefly stopping in Saipan Saturday and Sunday. Marshalls President Amata Kabua, FSM President Tosiwo Nakayama and Palau President Lazarus Salii are expected to travel to Saipan for talks with Bush relating primarily to the Compact.

Journal 10/10/1997

P1 ‘Big Man’ now our man in Korea The Marshall Islands government named Hang Yong Mo as its new honorary consul in S. Korea. The appointment was confirmed during a reception and party held at the Lanai Monday evening. Mo, who is known as “Mr. Big,” was here with a group of about 25 Koreans. Mo replaces the RMI’s former honorary consul CJ Rhee, who in mid-1996 provided a report to RMI officials indicating Mo had been charged with fraud in Korea. Mo, who heads Hanpurri Group and Marshall Development Ltd., which is promoting a $6 billion tourist plan for the Marshalls, has vigorously disputed this claim.

P5 You know you’re in trouble when… If you’re a family planning client using Norplant or depo-provera, you’re in good shape. But if your birth control method of choice is the pill, get ready for a shock: the family planning program is temporarily out of birth control pills. Word is that condoms are in low supply right now, too. We understand that a big order to resupply the nation in this critical area has been placed. In the meantime, you’re got two alternatives: use another contraceptive method or take it easy. We’ll be looking nine months down the line to see which one you choose.

Journal 10/10/2008

P9 Power rationing plagues Jaluit Power rationing at Jabor, Jaluit and its impact on Jaluit High School engaged the Nitijela floor debate last Thursday. Former President Kessai Note said that lack of 24-hour power at Jabor was putting students at a disadvantage.

P9 Copper thieves targeted A bill to help law enforcement officers identify people stealing electrical wire, copper parts and historical artifacts was introduced into Nitijela last week by Justice Minister David Kramer.

P10 Graduated in Fiji President Litokwa Tomeing and First Lady Arlin Tomeing were on hand to recognize two Marshall Islanders who graduated from the University of the South Pacific last month. The graduation followed Tomeing’s installation as the 15th Chancellor for USP. They honored Moriana Phillip, who graduated with a bachelor of science degree in environmental science, and Laurence Edwards II, who achieved a bachelor of law degree. Also joining them was RMI Ambassador to Fiji Mack Kaminaga.


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