Rarotonga: walap a hit

Journal 10/22/1976

P2 Satawal man named hero Mau Piailug, a navigator from Satawal Atoll in Yap District, has been called a “hero.” An article in the October issue of the National Geographic Magazine about the Hawaiian sailing canoe Hokule’a made the statement. The canoe left Hawaii last May and arrived in Tahiti on June 4, navigating by only the sun, moon, stars, wind, ocean currents and swells.

P3 Karate men coming A team of karate enthusiasts from Kwajalein Missile Range are coming to Majuro this United Nations Day weekend to exhibit their skills and entertain islanders during the UN Day celebrations.

P10 Majuro airport restaurant opens Another milestone in the developing sophistication of this central Pacific atoll was reached this week with the grand opening of the Majuro Airport Restaurant and Lounge by Althea Bing and Company. The new facility is carpeted and decorated in the international standard.

Journal 10/23/1992

P3 Excitement high as ‘walap’ leads fleet to Rarotonga The Marshalls’ walap (voyaging canoe) and the three other Pacific outriggers generated a high level of excitement and intensity of emotion at the Festival of Pacific Arts in Rarotonga, according to a fax received this week from Dennis Alessio in the Cook Islands. Even with the walap’s mast breaking during the voyage from Aitutaki to Rarotonga, the sleek 50-foot canoe was still the first to arrive, said Alessio, Waan Aelon Kein’s director.

P5 President appoints committee to boost private sector The Marshall Islands is gearing up to take advantage of its new membership in the International Finance Corporation, an agency affiliated with the World Bank. Last week, President Amata Kabua established a seven-member committee to prepare private sector proposals for IFC consideration.

P17 Jaluit mayor: Copra damage extensive It will be several years before coconuts and other crops return to normal on Jaluit Atoll, the mayor said. “Most of the food crops are still not producing,” said Mayor Diem Robert. The Jaluit council passed a resolution requesting the US Federal Emergency Management Agency re-survey the islands in Jaluit for a possible extension of its food program for Jaluit as a result of the recent typhoon.

P19 CMI has new president College of Micronesia Chancellor Dr. Singeru Singeo congratulated Sr. Dorothy Nook on her appointment as the new President of the College of the Marshall Islands.

P24 Tribunal checks ready Nuclear claimants can pick up their annual compensation payment from the Nuclear Claims Tribunal beginning from 9am Monday.

Journal 10/17/2003

P1 Shake, rattle and ROC Reflecting the support provided to the Republic of Chna by RMI’s Ambassador to the United Nations Alfred Capelle, President Kessai Note presented himself with ROC Ambassador to RMI Lien-gene Chen at the celebration of the 92nd anniversary of the founding of Ambassador Chen’s country. The so-called “Ten-Ten” celebration was held at Majuro’s Long Island Hotel.

P17 MEC takes out tourney Majuro’s fishermen were out scouring the coastline last Saturday as they took part in the Marshalls Billfish Club Reef Runner tournament. An unlucky wahoo weighing 32 pounds and a 17-pound barracuda, who was never to see his ’cuda cutie again, made it a winning day for Alan Richards and the MEC Brits Too team, skippered by Anja Andy.