Red Cross connects in Wotho

Wotho residents engage in First Aid and CPR Training under the guidance of trained Marshall Islands Red Cross Society Ebeye branch representatives. Photo: Kudo Kabua.

The Ebeye Red Cross branch team coordinated a First Aid and CPR Training with the Wotho Local Government last month. A total of 25 local residents were certified in First Aid and CPR that covers infants and children.

Wotho residents were given the great opportunity to learn life saving skills. At the end of the training, the Red Cross Ebeye branch presented a first aid kit to the people of Wotho with Mayor Kudo Kabua receiving it on their behalf.

Red Cross expressed appreciation for funding support from the National Training Council to provide life saving skills to the community of Wotho and the rest of the outer islands.
“A huge kommol tata to our Ebeye Red Cross team, Wotho leadership, and the people of Wotho for their support,” said Roger Muller, Red Cross’ communications officer. He recognized Iroojlaplap and Nitijela Member Michael Kabua for his support for the Wotho program.

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