Red Cross Ebeye outreach

Red Cross Secretary General Ainrik George presents Kwajalein Nitijela Member and Iroojlaplap Michael Kabua a copy of the Geneva Convention Protocols. Photo: Nathan Nathan.

The new Secretary General of the Marshall Islands Red Cross Society Ainrik George paid a number of courtesy visits to traditional leadership, Kwajalein Atoll Local Government, national and local police, national government offices, partners, Red Cross board members, Red Cross branch and volunteers during a several day visit to Ebeye late last month.

George met with Iroojlalap and Kwajalein Nitijela Member Michael Kabua to offer the National Society’s thanks for continued support as the Red Cross has been able to visit the neighboring islands to conduct First Aid trainings and Emergency Response trainings with the support of its Ebeye branch. Kabua was also briefed on the ongoing Red Cross missions that are being carried out on Kwajalein and in Kabin Meto.

Mayor Hirata Kabua met with George to discuss the ongoing partnership between KALGov and Red Cross. They discussed first aid training and emergency response training for members of the KALGov police.

Thanks to the continued support of Kwajalein local government, by allowing the Red Cross branch office to be hosted at the city hall, the Red Cross is able to provide services to the people of Kwajalein and other islands situated under the Ebeye Red Cross branch region.


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